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Paul Greenall Canvassing For Moore

Paul Greenall has published a photograph  on his twitter site and statedCampaigning in Southport on Saturday morning for @moore4southport with @westlancsedward”. Perhaps they think it might be “Moore” rewarding than a Currie?

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Rebel Rosie Cooper Voted Leave in 2011

Today we return to the claim by Tory Sam Currie that “Of all of the candidates in West Lancashire I am the only one who voted leave in the EU referendum last year”. Sam might be astonished and even humbled to learn he was forestalled by “Rebel Rosie”  Cooper by a mere six years. And her options were clear and are on the record.

It’s a fact forgotten by many but needs to be re-stated as Currie himself makes it an issue. We go back to the Bury North Conservative MP David Nuttall and his motion on the “National Referendum on the United Kingdom’s Membership of the European Union 24 Oct 2011 That this House calls upon the Government to introduce a Bill in the next session of Parliament to provide for the holding of a national referendum on whether the United Kingdom should (a) remain a member of the European Union on the current terms; (b) leave the European Union; or (c) re-negotiate the terms of its membership in order to create a new relationship based on trade and co-operation”.

Among the “rebel voters” was Rosie Cooper MP as reported by   in the House of Commons 24 Oct 2011 National Referendum on the United Kingdom’s Membership of the European Union, recorded as “minority Rebel”.

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Golf Landfill Brought To Your Homes

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Sam’s Anomalies?

Media quotes from Samuel Currie on “linkedin” told us he was previously in the Royal Navy, Signals Store Operator, January 2013 – June 2015 (2 years 6 months). His “linkedin” has been updated  [click to read] and now we know he was undertaking “various” Royal Navy duties from April 2009 including those “signals stores duties”. Today he is quoted on the Tory website as “A former Royal Navy sailor…Having spent six years in the Royal Navy I know how important it is to have proper defences in place”. We are glad to complete his “official” public record rather than risk being falsely accused of trolling!

On 13 November 2016 Sam Currie tweeted “Just spent the last 4 hours at #southport #soupkitchen . Not the prettiest charity. No frills. Just good people helping the most vulnerable”. But as we reported a few days ago Sam was asked why he hadn’t popped in to the Skelmerdale Foodbank and he deleted an item and comments on it from his Facebook. As a West Lancashire councillor since May 2016 why would he credit “just good people helping the most vulnerable” of Southport and deny the “just as good people helping the most vulnerable” of Skelmersdale? He’s given four more hours to Southport than he’s given to Skelmersdale. Will it come as a surprise that they don’t want him?

Sam describes how he is “Of all of the candidates in West Lancashire I am the only one who voted leave in the EU referendum last year” to which wag John O’Brien replied “I’d vote for you to leave Sam. Will probably be one of the only votes you’d get”. West Lancashire voted 55.3% to 44.7% to leave. Rosie Cooper voted remain but backed the Leave Bill in Parliament, Sam doesn’t tell us if the other 3 candidates were remainers or abstainers so we are left to surmise. But as with all other elections democracy won, thank goodness!

We also add that if residents leave their wheelie bins out on the pavement they can be a hindrance and a danger for elderly, infirm, and people with sight impairments. WLBC states “Please leave your bins and/or boxes at your normal collection point by 7.00am, with the lid closed, and take them back to your property after they have been emptied”.

And it seems that many council rules state residents must put their wheelie bins out before 7am on collection day but not before 7pm the night before. They must then have it back on their property by 7pm on the day it is emptied. Heavy fines for obstruction can be imposed by magistrates.

But GE candidate Sam Currie has left his own green bin outside his home and said “I’ve finally found a use for the green bin  now I refuse to pay the unfair charge @LabourWestLancs have tried to impose on to us”. Wouldn’t it be daft to save £30 and be fined £100, charged for legal costs and a surcharge, as much as +£400?


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Sam, MP For Skelmersdale?

There is no sign yet of Sam Currie having his photograph taken at the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill site. This would be a “must” for his candidate nostalgia photo album after the general election. Win or lose, he’s throwing much of his efforts into picking up votes in Skelmersdale as he needs them to stand a chance.

Perhaps he won’t be going there because it will draw more public attention to the scandal of the landfill cash? To give him an idea of how much, landfill tax rates from 1st April 2017 are £86.10 per tonne for standard rated wastes and £2.70 per tonne for lower rated wastes. How much tax, how much profit Sam?

And just by chance, this document [click to read] on planning application fees was included on 13 July 2011 in the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill application 2011/0787/FUL. It was a clear indication that Mr Jonathan Snellgrove would be involved as a party to the landfill development with Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, latest shareholder funds UP from £17,979 to £318,589 in August 2015 .

Sam’s election agent Wally Westley was at the Beacon Park Golf Course in 2006 as cabinet member for community services, recorded by the Champion here [click to read], alas no pic as mentioned. Follow in his footsteps Sam, and then make the landfill an election issue? Get the secret files opened up and tell Skelmersdale how much cash has been paid to a company and its shareholders registered in Leeds and not paid to West Lancashire Borough Council for Skelmersdale’s benefit.

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Latest Election News

[click to read]

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Virgin Care Contract + 64%

By coincidence a letter to the Champion exposes Virgin Care appointment chaos in Ormskirk while another Virgin Care contract meant NHS costs rose by 64%. The letter  [click to read] is from a pensioner whose reliance on blood tests has been disorganised beyond belief.

Pulse  write “The procurement of an APMS contract to a private provider – after the closure of a GMS practice – meant costs to the NHS increased by 64%, shows figures obtained by LMC leaders. Partners at the St Lawrence Medical Practice in Braintree, Essex, were forced to hand their GMS contract back after they were unable to recruit more partners, and NHS England replaced it with an APMS contract run by Virgin Care.

“An FOI to NHS England, revealed by Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer from Hertfordshire LMC at the LMCs Conference in Edinburgh, showed that the first year of the Virgin Care practice contract cost 64% more than the final 12 months of St Lawrence’s GMS contract. The FOI, seen by Pulse, also revealed that the Sutherland Lodge practice in Essex was replaced by a Virgin Care  APMS practice that increased costs by 16%. Sutherland Lodge had earlier been awarded an ‘outstanding’ rating by the CQC but was forced to close due to the PMS reviews.

“The figures were announced as part of a debate on NHS England’s decision to put all new GP practices contracts out to tender under APMS – first revealed by Pulse. Local leaders voted in favour of the motion, which called on the GPC to take legal advice to ‘challenge the notion that only APMS contracts may be awarded when procuring general medical services’.

“Dr Bramall-Stainer told delegates ‘There was the case of the “Outstanding” Essex practice that was forced into handing back their contract last year due to the enforced PMS contract review. ‘This undermines the whole ethos of long-time continuity of care.’ The FOI response from NHS England said: ‘The budget for the current APMS contract (which commenced on 1 June 2016) will exceed the actual expenditure within the last twelve months of the former GMS partnership (1 June 2014 to 31 May 2015).

“Following the procurements of the current APMS contracts for the St Lawrence and Sutherland Lodge practices we can confirm that the procurements resulted in the following approximate percentage increases in contract value rates compared to the GMS and PMS arrangements previously in place; St Lawrence: 64%; Sutherland Lodge: 16%.’

“Pulse revealed earlier this year that more practices closed in 2016 than ever before. Virgin Care was approached for comment, but did not respond in time for publication”.

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Moon Shooting The Messenger?

In a classic case of shooting the messenger we’ve seen a strange reaction to the correct story published here under the “WLBC Councillor Attendance By Email” heading. Cllr Paul Moon, adding to his “Moongate” fame, has taken exception to the exposure and declared it to be “vile internet postings and trolling”, all of which takes us back in its originality to Cllr Westley, who readers will recall wrote to a lady that “The link you sent is for a website that has pretentions of being some sort of news outlet but is in fact nothing more than an internet troll spouting malicious bile and hiding behind a cloak of anonymity”.

After all, yesterday’s story was confirmed to be entirely true by the WLBC Chief Executive. How and why would her version of the truth as stated on this website be worthy of a description of “vile internet postings and trolling”? Who created the grounds for the story, other than Moon?

As the event, the ceremonial Annual Mayor Making, took place in front of members who did attend, and officers, distinguished guests including Aldermen, and the public, surely the non attendance and consequent shambles of a long delay was distressing?

It is no secret that public council tax is being paid by two separate councils for Moon’s membership of them. He received £4,276.37p from Wyre taxpayers and £4,842 from WLBC taxpayers. If they result in some exceptional talent, some outstanding special political skill that requires his presence on both councils, then these payments might be good value. Non attendance and the ramifications of it don’t seem to qualify, but then again, didn’t the first Moon story contain similar traits?

So an exchange took place on the Our West Lancashire  website today where the story was posted, and Dave Beeston said “Hardly an election either – I was told months ago who the new Mayor would be!”

Our West Lancashire “That’s correct. We called it mayor making for that reason. It is a ceremonial event and therefore the lack of courtesy shown was disappointing”.

Paul Moon “Our West Lancashire organisation yet again feeling the need to be associated with a disgusting internet troll”.

Our West Lancashire “The WLBC Chief Executive has confirmed that delayed confirmation of details from you required the adjournment of the meetings so the blogsite was accurate. To call it vile and trolling suggests you have lost your sense of proportion”.

Paul Moon “Yet again you can’t even put your name to a post, PATHETIC. As I said if you want to align and be associated with a internet troll then so be it, at least we know how to report to the public your allegiance. And am I not allowed to attend a family function anymore? I have read how Adrian Owens a number of years ago spat his dummy out because he didn’t get his own way and left the conservative party and caused a problem at the council meeting, maybe you could expand on that incident”.

Our West Lancashire “Has he reported inaccurately?”

Paul Moon “Our West Lancashire organisation yet again feeling the need to be associated with a disgusting internet troll”.

Paul Moon “I would respond to a person but not some faceless individual hiding behind the anonymity of OWL who hasn’t got the nerve or courage to put their name to posts on this page. Probably you were the one always hiding behind mummy’s apron. Pathetic, grow a pair. The fact that you care what that troll writes makes OWL equal to his vile postings”.

Our West Lancashire “The problem was caused by Cllrs Mr and Mrs Bailey as reported by the press at the time. We’ll draw this exchange to a close”.

Moon is making himself a bloggers delight. His political history in Wyre is unique, as we all know. To effectively rail against what the whole of West Lancashire will know by tomorrow, that he asked “And am I not allowed to attend a family function any more?” while still collecting his WLBC allowance, will earn him no sympathy, just contempt?

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Meetings Bloody Meetings Latest

 The last two weeks have involved, amongst other things, work towards the Parliamentary Election on Thursday 8 June 2017, and the by-election for Aughton Park Ward on the same day. Preparation for the Annual Meeting of Council on Wednesday 17 May 2017, and Cabinet on Tuesday 13 June 2017 continued, and ambassadorial work to promote the Borough has been a key theme.

In addition, on Monday 8 May 2017, along with other members of the Corporate Management Team, I  attended the second session of the Leadership Programme for Managers, on change management. This was a very useful course, complemented by an excellent and extensive e-learning package. Thanks go to Sharon Lewis, Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development, and her team for their work in co-ordinating the commissioning and delivery of this programme. Particular thanks go to Gill Farrimond, Principal Human Resources and Learning and Development Officer, in this respect.

On Wednesday 10 May 2017 I held the regular Election Planning meeting with Terry Broderick, Borough Solicitor, Matthew Jones, Legal and Member Services Manager, Tom Lynan, Admin and Electoral Services Manager, and Susanne Malmgren, Senior Admin and Electoral Services Officer. The Parliamentary Election on 8 June, and by-election for Aughton Park Ward are the next events in the election calendar, with the verification and count taking place on Thursday 8 June into Friday 9 June at Burscough Sports Centre. Statements of the persons nominated for the Parliamentary Election and Aughton Park by-election can be found on the Council’s website, together with key dates.

Visiting the Ormskirk Medieval Weekend in Coronation Park on Sunday 14 May 2017, with my family, it was lovely to see so many people enjoying the activities and displays. Thanks to Anne Faulkner, Park Ranger, in particular and the team.

On Monday 15 May 2017, together with Terry Broderick, I was pleased to meet with Mr Martin Ainscough, Deputy Lieutenant, nominated by the Rt. Hon. Lord Shuttleworth, Bt., KG, KCVO, as the Lancashire Lieutenancy Local Authority Liaison Officer for West Lancashire. It was good to talk about all the excellent work going on in West Lancashire in the public, private and non-statutory sectors, and to discuss the opportunities for liaison going forward.

On Wednesday 17 May 2017, I was delighted to attend the 3rd Skelmersdale Ambassadors event, hosted by Edge Hill University in the Tech Hub. The focus of the event was on skills and training, and it was pleasing to see so many businesses attending to hear speakers from the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, Skelmersdale businesses, SCA Hygiene Products Ltd and Solid Sheds, and the Council’s Strategic Planning section. The welcome pack for Skelmersdale Ambassadors was launched at this event, and thanks go to Paula Huber, our Economic Regeneration Manager and her team, and in particular to Lisa Ratican, Economic Regeneration Officer, Portia Taylor-Black, Economic Regeneration Support Officer, Tracey Shaw, Business Engagement Officer and Caroline Addison, Senior Economic Regeneration Officer, for their excellent work in supporting this initiative.

The Annual Meeting of Council was held on Wednesday 17 May, and Councillor Neil Furey   was elected as Mayor, and Councillor Noel Delaney as Deputy Mayor. The Mayor announced his charities for the year: 42nd Ormskirk (Skelmersdale St Paul’s) Scouts, The Sewing Rooms, Skelmersdale and Evermoor Hub, Skelmersdale. It was also nice to see the work of the outgoing Mayor recognised, including the sum raised in support of her charities.

Councillor Ian Moran was elected as Leader of the Council, and Councillor Yvonne Gagen as Deputy Leader. Councillor Moran announced his Cabinet as follows:
Leader – Also Portfolio Holder for Transformation and Economic Regeneration
Deputy Leader – Also Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Human Resources
Councillor Kevin Wright – Health and Community Safety
Councillor John Hodson – Planning
Councillor Jennifer Patterson – Housing and Landlord Services
Councillor Kevin Wilkie – Street Scene
Councillor Chris Wynn – Finance
Councillor Claire Cooper – Communities and Older People

The Leader has also appointed four champions – Councillor Devine for the Armed Forces, Councillor Cooper on Digital Inclusion, Councillor McKenna on Economic Regeneration and Councillor Cotterill on Innovations. Thanks go to Terry Broderick and his team for the work involved in the Annual Council meeting, with particular thanks to Jacky Denning, Assistant Member Services Manager, Ann England, Civic PA, Jill Ryan, Member Services/Civic Support Officer and Stephen Stephens, Mayor’s Chauffeur/Civic Officer.

On Thursday 18 May 2017, I held a further Election Planning meeting, and was pleased to chair the regular Corporate Health and Safety Committee.

Finally, on Friday 19 May 2017, it was lovely to be taken on a tour of the Chapel Gallery to see the improvement work that has been undertaken, and to hear about the further work that is planned. Thanks go to John Nelson, Deputy Director of Leisure and Wellbeing Services, and to Helen Juste, Arts Development Manager, and her team in particular.

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Currie Challenged On Toxic Dump

Tory parliamentary candidate Sam Currie has faced more intense pressure about his comments on Skelmersdale. While local people try to express their real concerns over the neglect Skem faces they see Currie relying on being seen and photographed with his “celebrity” visitors. But when will he be seen at Whitemoss  and when will he explain why it’s still expanding? What would he do about a toxic dump in Downholland? Would his ward electorate accept “Community Fund” bribes to accept the horrors from contaminated land? How does a Whitemoss grant for toilets in Ormskirk help residents of Skelmersdale?

As his local party Shadow Community and Leisure Services group spokesman why hasn’t he been photographed with a Community celebrity at the WLBC owned Beacon Park Golf Course that’s not only landfill  but filling the pockets of its private developers at the expense of council tax payers under the guise of leisure development?

Joanne Lunt-Taylor comments on Currie’s facebook page “It’s alright for you that the town has a toxic dump  in it because YOUR party overruled the local decision to deny it! It’s alright for you that YOUR party is pro fracking. What’s the point in having a railway when we’re all going to be getting poisoned, when our drinking water is undrinkable. It’s alright for you that the town is becoming more deprived and the food banks can’t cope with demand. This town has been hit hard by your cuts. It’s alright by you that your party is destroying the NHS. The only people who welcome you to Skem are wannabe middle class who don’t realise they have been brainwashed. You’ve got some nerve coming to Skem. It’s more than alright by me, if we never see your face here again”.

Is Currie heading for a whitewash in Skelmersdale, where trite platitudes will be scorned as more of the same by his photo opportunity parades of the people seen as the perpetrators of Tory cuts? Has he got the guts to visit the Skelmersdale Foodbank and face those who staff it and those who are reliant on it? Will his photograph album be all that remains of his few weeks of fame? Will he be writing the diary of a nobody ? Probably.

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