Harman And Soubry On Democracy

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“MPs stand up for others. Now we must stand up for ourselves…& our democracy. We all saw the TV clips of thugs shouting abuse in Anna Soubry’s face and blocking her way to parliament from a media interview over the road. Everyone agreed it was awful. It’s her job to have opinions. She’s elected to speak up not keep her head down. Everyone said it overstepped the mark.

“We have been here before (remember the harassment of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children). About every six weeks there’s an ugly incident and we all gather in the chamber to wring our hands and do nothing.

“Attacks on, and threats to, MPs are commonplace. Jo Cox was killed, Rosie Cooper could have been killed and others are threatened with death. This is serious and we don’t know the half of it”.

Talking of the “Honourable” Soubry  Well, some can, can’t they?

Leave Consistencies: 421 (65%) Leave Voting Areas: 270 (71%) Leave Votes: 17,410,742 (52%) Leave MPs: 162 (25%) Remain Consistencies: 229 (35%) Remain Voting Areas: 139 (29%) Remain Votes: 16,141,241 (48%) Remain MPs: 488 (75%)

Are Our Democratic Rights Being Eroded?

The Tory MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale spoke volumes for democracy by challenging the wretched apologist for democracy, the Speaker of the Commons, last week. David Morris represents a constituency that voted 58.19% to leave the EU.

He wrote “There are precious few occasions that can ever justify an MP challenging the Commons Speaker. But last week I sadly found myself doing just that. I still believe I was right to do so. “Publish it!” I yelled at John Bercow. I was challenging our Remain-voting Speaker to come clean on what advice he had received from the Commons Clerk before deciding to trash established procedure and allow a Brexit-defying vote to be taken.

“I felt my rights had been eroded, along with those of my constituents and fellow MPs, whatever their political colour.

“The Commons had yet to receive a written clarification from Bercow, though he proclaimed he acted in our best interests by granting the amendment tabled by Dominic Grieve. Mr Bercow was flouting time-honoured Commons precedents by creating a ‘one-off’ rule, abandoning constitutional convention and compromising his role as the impartial Speaker. He also ignored expert advice from Commons Clerk Sir David Natzler, who knows these rules intimately.

“This is a man who shed his Right-wing principles as a Tory MP to win the post of Speaker in 2009 largely on the back of Labour votes. Judging from the cheers from the Opposition benches last week, it appeared he was repaying those Labour votes”.

By comparison with Morecambe and Lunesdale, is leave-voting West Lancashire faced by an erosion of our rights? We should be told.

Reported Rural Crime Reaches Halsall

 Following information received directly to officers from a member of the public, two males from West Yorkshire were detained following a foot chase through land off Carr Moss Lane, Halsall. Both males have been reported for summons for offences under the Hunting Act and will receive court dates in the near future. Their vehicle has been seized  and a confiscation order will be requested upon conviction. Unfortunately one of the dogs sustained a serious injury and had to be taken to a local vet to be destroyed.

This is a typical example of how local residents can act as the eyes and ears of the police, helping to clamp down on crime and anti-social behaviour wherever it occurs. Residents will know when something or someone is suspicious, out of place or unusual in their community. I’m asking residents to “Call It In” and report any concerns they have as soon as possible, with as much detail as they can provide.

The information and intelligence we receive from members of the public can be absolutely crucial in preventing and detecting crime and anti-social behaviour. If residents could make a note of the following:

Is the suspect alone or in a group?
Are they trespassing?
Do they have equipment, dogs or firearms with them?
Are you aware of where suspects have been or where they are heading?
What do they look like?
Have they any vehicles? What are the number plates and vehicle make, model and colour?

To report suspicious activity dial 101. In an emergency, dial 999.

Beacon Park Golf Course Decisions Extend Course Disruption

The 5 years of disruption for the financial benefit of private developers Serco Leisure Operating Ltd and Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd at the expense of council tax have been extended by planning permissions granted by the WLBC Planning Committee last night.

2018/1158/FUL-Beacon Park Golf Centre Beacon Lane Dalton Wigan Lancashire WN8 7RU
Variation of Condition No. 1 of planning permission 2016/0040/FUL to vary the location, site and cross section plans submitted with the original application to regularise the as built land levels, landscaping and development layout of the nine hole short course . Replacement of plan reference 1115.11 received by the Local Planning Authority on 13th July 2011 with plan references 1115.11 Rev B and 1115.21. Replacement of plan reference 1115.15 received by the Local Planning Authority on 13th July 2011 with plan reference 1115.X6 cross sections. Approval of new plan reference 1115.27 Par 3 Landscaping. All other plans to remain as per the decision notice. Approved with conditions.

2018/1164/FUL-Beacon Park Golf Centre Beacon Lane Dalton Wigan Lancashire WN8 7RU
Remodeling of driving range  at Beacon Park Golf Centre to create a Foot Golf course, remodeling of 1st hole green, 2nd hole tees, creation of mounding and re-profiling of ground adjacent to 1st fairway, remodeling of ground between 1st and 18th holes and associated landscaping. Approved with conditions.

Below is a letter from Serco, in which they describe the commitments required to correct the appalling state the new 9hole heap and the so-called footgolf areas are in. Had the original developments been undertaken by professional golf course creators instead of cowboy companies none of what follows would be necessary. 

Letter from Serco Business

I can confirm that Serco’s commitment to maintain a viable and playable golf course at Beacon Park remains unchanged. Firstly, I would like to reiterate a number of commitments we have made regarding the golf course at Beacon Park, we will:

• proactively manage the contractors working on site
• maintain, throughout the works period, a viable 18 hole golf course
• work (weather permitting) as quickly as possible with the minimum of disruption
• fence the entire work area and shroud the fencing with appropriate material
• maintain sufficient car parking spaces
• control all vehicle movement outside of the construction fence using manned gates
• minimise road and community disruption
• lay track way to protect the 1st Fairway
• introduce additional drainage to the 1st
• allow sufficient growing time and top soil to enable and promote growth
• create a first green to a recognised specification
• create a fit for purpose foot golf offering
• complete, and thereafter, manage the landscape in accordance with a professional plan
• keep all stake holders informed of progress.

Additionally, we agreed that the course would be re-measured by Congu and a new stroke index applied due to the change in layout during the proposed works program. This was discussed with the Senior’s Captain and we have already approached Congu to book the appropriate re­- measuring of the course. We will liaise with the golf club in order to apply a new stroke index.
Once this is confirmed, we will reprint the scorecards, thus enabling the members to maintain their handicap.

As to the statement regarding the course being “short by 500 yards of the required distance”, there is no such required distance. As long as the course is measured and a stroke index applied, the course remains viable.

We have done all we can to ensure our Senior Golfers team could continue competing in the South West Lancashire Seniors League, but the final decision on that issue was always going to come from the league. We offered to present at the league meeting, however the Senior Golfers team declined this offer.

Furthermore, at the recent meeting with the Senior Golfers Team Captain, a number of positive initiatives were discussed including a member “artisan” system, where members would assist the greens team on certain aspects of the course. There would also be a future combined promotion to attract past members back to the club in addition to the very strong 50% off membership offer. In addition to this, a number of the clubs in the league have agreed to play both home and away “friendly” matches with the Seniors. However, not all clubs have agreed to this.

Finally the “residual state of the course” is in fact regarded as being good, as can be seen from the comment below from England Golf after a recent visit here.

“As for my feedback when playing a few holes, I enjoyed the course and think it is in good condition. The holes I played offer variety and will appeal to all level of golfer. The fairways and greens are well maintained and not as wet as one would expect at this time of year.”

I trust this answers your queries, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

West Lancashire Community Leisure Ltd. No.5316277. Serco Public Registered Charity No 1168175

Rosie Cooper Brexit Latest News

Rosie Cooper MP statement on the EU Referendum vote
24th June, 2016

In response to the decision of the British people to Leave the European Union, West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper said “Today’s EU Referendum result marks a momentous day in British history. A result that has led to the Prime Minister being forced to resign just one year after winning a general election. As with the rest of the country, West Lancashire residents voted in favour to Leave by a margin of 55.26 per cent to 44.66 percent. A generation-defining decision.

“Throughout this campaign there were passionate and deeply held views expressed on both sides of the debate. For politicians of all political parties and on either side of the debate the referendum result must be respected, but the large minority vote to Remain should also be acknowledged too. Going forward we have to return to the common cause of working in the best interests of the British people who have made their decision.

“Our only certainty at the moment is the uncertainty of the immediate future. Friday morning brought great volatility in the currency and stock markets. Highlighting the absolute need for government to secure stability in the British economy. We are in a situation that demands national leadership. We cannot afford for the Conservative Party to disappear off into an obsession with infighting over David Cameron’s successor.

“For the people of West Lancashire the priorities now need to be economic stability to protect jobs, businesses and trade, pensions, worker’s rights, living standards, and our public services.
The least well-off and our most vulnerable residents cannot be allowed to be cut further adrift in Britain’s new future. The vote to Leave has to be made to work for all people and for all communities”.

Rosie Cooper MP statement on Brexit Bill vote
6th February, 2017

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper was one of 498 MPs who voted in favour of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill to enable the government to trigger Article 50 ahead of their end of March 2017 deadline.

Speaking to the Champion, MP Rosie Cooper said “In 2011 I voted to support a Commons motion calling for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. I believed then that the British people needed to have their say on our relationship with the EU. It was clear there was and is huge disillusionment and we need an opportunity to step-back and consider our relationship.

“I voted for the Bill triggering Article 50 last week because the British people have now had their democratic say and a majority have chosen to leave the EU. Here in West Lancashire 55% of people voting also chose to the leave the EU.

“Throughout this process I have championed the right of British voters to have their say and absolutely believe those wishes have to be honoured”.

Today, a political blog “Guido Fawkes” brings you “a list of Britain’s most hypocritical Brexit MPs. Those who voted for Article 50, but are now determined to stop Brexit, by opposing both no deal, and May’s deal. 123 MPs feature on the list, from Michael Fallon to Kier Starmer, Chuka Umunna to Sarah Wollaston”. Also included is Rosie Cooper MP for West Lancashire. We feel sure she will make a statement to clarify her referendum wishes from 2011 up to her 2019 Brexit commitment to honour the wishes of her constituency? 


Don’t Believe The EU’s Fairy Stories

Our old friend Austin Mitchell  writes “The result of four decades of EU membership is to make fairy tales our ‘lingua dodgy’. That’s alarming for anyone who believes that politicians should focus on the disastrous economic situation of a country which can neither pay its way in the world nor support the level of services an advanced nation needs. It’s the result of the incompetence of our failing political leaders seeking to distract the nation by fairy tales.

“The EU’s Fairyland  is built on fairy tales like an ever closer union which electors won’t vote for, Germany won’t pay for and component governments don’t agree with. Similarly the euro won’t work: it’s crippled Greece, locked Italy in recession, produced record levels of unemployment in Spain and is pushing euroland into recession. Yet Juncker  claims it’s stimulated growth and convergence, though it’s done exactly the opposite. There’s no EU problem so bad that a nice fairy tale won’t disguise it.

“British euro-enthusiasts have got the same habit. The first manifestation was the huge effort to persuade us that disaster would ensue if we didn’t join the euro. We didn’t and yet have done better than most EU countries which did. The next fairy tale was the great fear-fest promising disaster if we voted for Brexit. We did. Nothing happened.

“Now the EU’s agents in this country are offering another fairy tale festival, promising untold disaster unless we stay in the EU; yet in fact if we come out without a deal – or to put it another way, trade on WTO terms – we wouldn’t have to pay the massive ransom the EU wants and trade on the same terms as everyone else, most of them profitably, unlike us.

“Another fairy story is that we’re leaving the biggest market in the world, but we’re not told that we’re in horrendous deficit with it and the rest of our trade is mostly in surplus. Most of our trade doesn’t go to the EU, whose economy is shrinking into recession because of the euro. The next fairy story is that our trade with the EU will stop if we “crash out”. The average duty will be three percent. Their total cost is less than the membership charges for belonging to this protectionist bloc. Devaluation (inevitable in or out) will give us the competitive advantage to overleap that, provided we plan for it with an industrial policy (prohibited in the EU).

“Pundits claim without evidence that “crashing out” (better described as trading with the EU on the same terms as everyone else) would be an economic, social and political disaster. Their vote against preparations to face “no deal” shows there are no lengths to which rampant Remainers won’t go to undermine the Government’s negotiating position and stop Brexit. Yet in fact relations will go on as before. It’s inconceivable that the institution Remainers love so much would set out to destroy us. Medicines wouldn’t stop, people will continue to come and go, food is cheaper outside the EU.

“This shift from fairy tales into Hammer horror stories was caricatured by Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times “One way or another we will all die, probably at 0900 hours on March 30th, gasping in agony… huge mutant fire eating lobsters will invade the country as a result of Brexit… There will be no Mars bars… flaming chunks of satellites will fall on our heads and kill us…. planes can fly no further than Manchester… your homes will be worthless. There will be nothing to eat. And no lavatory rolls. But as there will be nothing to eat, we won’t need them”.

“It’s a pity that the comfortable people, the academics with euro-grants, the politicians with euro-contracts and hopes – and the companies we’ve sold to foreigners to pay our way – can’t argue rationally. Instead, they blame the people for ignorance, and claim that the EU will unleash IRA violence if we leave.

“German and French political elites don’t live on fairy tales. They have a shrewd idea of the national interest, are dedicated to pursuing it and have shaped the EU to advance it. Ours are less competent, have no idea of the national interest, don’t understand how business works and have conned us into an institution which drains us of money, jobs and economic demand. Then they tell us we’re stupid, deceived and racist for wanting to leave. More fairy stories to cover their failure and their inability to do anything about it. Which makes it time for the population of the UK to stop believing in fairies”.

What’s On The Agenda At The Aughton Parish Council? Crimes?

No idea, the APC Website  tells us “Not Found The requested URL /Agenda2019.html was not found on this server. So you could turn up on Monday night and take pot luck.

Crime might be listed. Aughton is becoming lawless, as recent events indicate. We have endless driving/speeding traffic crimes on Long Lane and Prescot Road. Still no SPIDs despite the parish being filthy rich. Interesting that Granville Park area is still a crime hotspot.

The empty old Granville Park nursing home had been a drugs and booze party venue for locals.

The excellent QLocal reported the recent devastation of the Cockbeck Bowling Club  [pic courtesy of QLocal] by “yobbos, which saw rubbish strewn in the corner of the green where the offenders had been smoking and drinking after climbing over a nearby wall”. 

We had the appalling playground incident when sharp blades were attached to the childrens’ slide on Winifred Lane play area.

Crime is on the increase in Aughton. The APC and local police hold secret monthly meetings at which crime statistics are disclosed. Crimes are read out quickly at APC, but are not then published until the minutes of that meeting come six weeks or so later. The past three meetings disclosed show September 11004 CHAIRMAN/VICE-CHAIRMAN/PARISH CLERK’S SEPTEMBER MEETING WITH THE LOCAL POLICE – a brief report was given on the informal meeting held 5 September 2018. There had been 12 reported crimes since the last meeting;  October 2018 11016 CHAIRMAN/VICE-CHAIRMAN/PARISH CLERK’S OCTOBER MEETING WITH THE LOCAL POLICE – a brief report was given on the informal meeting held 2 October 2018. There had been 14 reported crimes since the last meeting.

But the third meeting, Minutes Of Meeting Held On Monday, 12 November 2018, 11027 Chairman/Vice-Chairman/Parish Clerk’s November Meeting With The Local Police – a brief report was given on the meeting held 7 November 2019. There had been 25 reported crimes since the last meeting.

So here we are, paying the police precept, a local police station saved some time ago by local residents against the wishes of the then APC, and still the APC holds its secret meetings to discuss Aughton crimes increasing month on month while using the mushroom method of communication with Aughton’s residents. Is any other area as bad as this?