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How Is Your Parish Council Reporting During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Down at the old Cock & Bull, aka cash-rich Aughton Parish Council, a quick visit to the website to check minutes shows January, February, and March 2020.

Thereafter it shows;

“THE NEXT MEETING OF AUGHTON PARISH COUNCIL WILL BE HELD ON MONDAY, 24 AUGUST 2020, AT AUGHTON VILLAGE HALL ANNEXE, COMMENCING AT 3pm TO CONSIDER AND APPROVE THE ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2020 AND THE SIGNING OF MINUTES OF MEETINGS WHICH WERE PREVIOUSLY CONSIDERED AND APPROVED AS “A CORRECT RECORD BY ELECTRONIC OR TELEPHONE COMMUNICATION. Clerk to the Council 20 August 2020. MINUTES OF FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING HELD 17 MARCH 2020 – (in view of the situation with the Coronavirus Pandemic, all members were invited to attend – in attendance were Councillors Jones, Mercer, Pendleton, Roberts, Greene, Mrs Boulton with apologies tendered from Councillors Waugh, Mills and Ms Woolgar) – previously considered and approved as a correct record by electronic or telephone communication – for signature”.

“In accordance with the Provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the Local Authorities and Police & Crime Panels (coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police & Crime Panel Members) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, the next Meeting of Aughton Parish Council will take place on Tuesday, 1 December 2020, commencing at 7.30pm BY ZOOM CONFERENCING. Until ‘face to face’ public meetings resume, only urgent matters of business will be discussed. If members of the public wish to raise any comments on any of the Agenda Items only, please e-mail the Parish Clerk in advance of the meeting – LATEST 4pm, 30 November 2020. Clerk to the Council 25 November 2020”.

No information is provided on crime.

 So we looked it up, just for one month. Crime is up 79% compared to this time last year. 39 crimes reported in November 2019. 70 crimes reported in November 2020, including Anti-social behaviour, 35.71% (25); Violence and sexual offences 18.57%; (13); Burglary 12.86% (9); Vehicle crime 10% (7). You’d think parishioners might receive this information as a matter of urgency?

Did we mention cash rich?

And CIL rich?

Could do better at informing the public, especially about local crime? Well, couldn’t do worse!

West Lancashire Council Briefing

Community Engagement Briefing 11 January 2021

Reviewing the data from the previous week show that Covid19 cases across the borough, in all wards, are seeing an increase in cases. The areas most affected are: · Ashurst; Knowsley; Skelmersdale South.

The highest cases are within the ages 25-44 followed by 45-54. 

A Mobile Testing Unit will be available at the All Saints Church Hall Car Park in Hesketh Bank on 18 January. Residents can book an appointment if they are experiencing symptoms of Covid19 via

West Lancashire Records Landmark Losses To Coronavirus

The West Lancashire Ormskirk & Southport NHS Trust hospitals have reported 84 new coronavirus infections today. The cumulative number is now 6,778, that’s 5,929.7 infections per 100,000 of our community. Public Health England has suggested Lancashire currently has some of the highest rates of infection in the country. New cases in the last complete 7 days West Lancashire: 555+4.5% vs prev week.

Sadly we have reached the terrible level of 301 deaths in our community today. Our hospitals recorded one death on January 13th and one on January 14th.

Vaccine Scams

Lancashire Constabulary remains concerned by the despicable vaccine scams. The message remains “please be aware of and alert to Vaccine scams circulating in the Lancashire area”.

The NHS will never ask for payments for the vaccine, nor bank details, nor identity by documents. Stay alert!

West Lancashire Coronavirus Losses Increase

Sadly, the West Lancashire Ormskirk & Southport NHS Trust hospitals have today reported four deaths from coronavirus, with one on January 10th, one on January 12th and two on January 13th. We have now lost 299 valued members of our community.

A report released very late today of infections in our West Lancashire hospitals shows an increase of 94, the cumulative total is now 6,694, that 5,856.2 infections per 100,000 of our population.

Poor Catch By Fishing Minister

Boris Johnson has backed the under-fire Fisheries Minister after she admitted not reading the Brexit trade deal because she was busy organising a Nativity trail at Christmas.

Victoria Prentis has faced calls for her to quit after the comments, but the Prime Minister is standing by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) minister.

The revelation today came after delays shipping goods to the EU, with the Scottish fish exporters warning that prices are “collapsing” due to the problems.

Asked if her jaw had dropped when she saw the deal with the EU on Christmas Eve, Ms Prentis told the Lords EU Environment Sub-Committee “No, the agreement came when we were all very busy on Christmas Eve, in my case organising the local Nativity trail.

“We had been waiting and waiting, it looked like it was coming for probably four days before it actually arrived. I, for one, had gone through, as I’m sure members of this committee had, a gamut of emotions over those four days”.

A Number 10 spokesperson said that the Prime Minister had confidence in Ms Prentis to organise local Nativity trails. His problem is that nobody else does? Meanwhile Jacob Rees-Mogg has said fish were “happier” now that they’re fully “British”.

We predict Ms Prentis has a future as Under-Minister for Nativity Trails.

A Fish Rots, And Stinks, From The Head Down

We read today that “Jamie McMillan, the boss of world-renowned Loch Fyne Seafarms has been left with box upon box of fresh lobsters, langoustines and hand-dived scallops which he cannot sell.

“UK seafood exporters have been hit by a ‘perfect storm’ of bureaucracy, IT problems and confusion since the EU trade agreement kicked in on January 1st. There were complaints of shellfish rotting in ports as the ‘disastrous’ hold-ups meant they could not be sold in Europe.

“Prime Minister, and Michael Gove,I can assure you if Scottish exporters can’t get their product to market next week, we will be at the gates of Westminster and we will be dumping our shellfish on your doorstep, rotten. The same way the Westminster UK government is rotten to the core”.

Mr McMillan has complained the fishing industry on the West Coast of Scotland is in an ‘absolutely disastrous situation’ with perishable shellfish stuck at customs, meaning boats have been told to stay in port as there is no-one to buy their catch.

Can’t speak fairer than to state how rotten the fishermen have been treated?

Boris Bullshittery

It comes as no surprise that Downing Street has defended the Prime Minister‘s 80-year-old father for receiving two doses of Covid vaccine within three weeks, despite others having to wait 12 weeks between jabs.

Stanley Johnson sparked outrage when he revealed he was getting his second and final dose of the jab despite only getting his first 21 days earlier, on December 18. Speaking on Good Morning Britain Stanley revealed “I had my first jab on December 18 and three weeks on is today and I’m very much looking forward to it. I don’t have to go far “. 

But No 10 defended the move, claiming Stanley was in the “first wave” of recipients to receive both jabs before the rules changed. It is pertinent to ask how long the first wave lasted. Yet people older than Stanley Johnson, in the supposed “first wave” didn’t receive the second dose.

To accelerate the rollout of the vaccine, the Government recently opted to extend the gap between the first and second jab to 12 weeks to allow it to be administered to a greater number of people.

As an example, a resident of West Lancashire, almost 82, attended for the first vaccine dose on December 20. He provides proof here.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pfizer2012.jpg

He was told just two days before the second dose it was cancelled but instead to attend when recalled within 12 weeks. It is good to know we are all in this together, just some more so than others.

As ever. “You will have the best protection after two doses”, whenever!