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Wildlife Crime Update PC Paddy Stewart Needs Help

West Lancashire Wildlife Crime Update – “Folks to keep you in the loop, 2 x coursing jobs yesterday, please keep eyes out for a silver Honda CRV Reg SV55XO linked to previous jobs. Vehicle was on that Reg previously but that is a cloned plate from a different vehicle.

If seen contact police. Also a blue Volvo Estate around Tarleton/Banks/ Hesketh Bank/Rufford has been used by dog men (no Reg known). Any issues I’m on duty all week.

Pc 169 Paddy Stewart


Cold Callers Update And Advice From Police

We were made aware yesterday that two males, claiming to be ex offenders, were selling goods door to door in your area. PC Austin has attended and checked the males, neither had pedlars certificates, one was arrested on an unconnected warrant and the other male was removed from West Lancashire.

We would advise residents not to buy from anyone cold calling at your address and if you have any concerns about people who come to your door please contact Police. If they are genuine they will not mind us checking up on them.

Sgt Darren

Rural Crime Watch-Satellite Guidance System Theft Prevention

From Paddy the Rural Policeman

We have seen a sharp rise in thefts of Starfire Receivers locally and nationally across the UK during the last few weeks. It is also possible and has occurred that thieves could target other brands of navigation equipment.

Please review your security NOW and take action before thieves strike at your premises.

Due to the value of these systems they have become a target for rural criminals with screens and receivers being stolen and damage caused to tractors in order to access the cabs to steal these machines. Follow these simple steps to secure your equipment;
• Speak your local dealer who will be able to advise you on any protection methods available for your individual systems.
• Remove all GPS guidance receivers, aerials or antenna globe when not in use and keep them locked away in secure locked place when possible.
• Consider fitting security tethers to devices to stop them being removed.
• Setup a pin code to protect your system should it have this facility.
• Consider marking these with UV pen or engraving your postcode or forensic marking such as Datatag are all options to consider. Machines fitted and registered with certain security markings are 4 times less likely to be stolen and our 6 times more likely to be recovered if they are stolen.
• Store machinery inside locked barns if possible.
• Where locking machines away isn’t an option consider fitting mains or battery operated alarms to outbuildings or around the perimeter of areas where machines are stored.
• If you are considering fitting CCTV then please fit this as well as alarms as part of a wider system. CCTV cannot be relied on fully as this won’t alert you at the time that you have intruders.

• Do you receive alerts from West Lancashire Rural Watch? If you don’t and would like to sign up please visit In The Know -Lancashire – where we can keep you up to date on emerging crime trends.
• CCTV and intruder alarms will deter most thieves but make sure they are checked regularly to ensure they will work when you need them and they are placed in a position that won’t be triggered by animals or foliage moving in the wind.
• Record machinery serial numbers and photographs for reference. This will help police should they be stolen with press releases and social media appeals furthering the chances of the items being recovered.
• Let employees know the security arrangements that are expected of them while working on the farm and ensure they are consistently adhered to.
• Encourage farm staff to be vigilant and report any suspicious behavior or vehicles to the police. We don’t know unless you tell us!

Paddy Stewart – Rural and Wildlife Crime Officer

Scam Alert!

From WLBC “We have had reports of West Lancashire residents receiving a call from someone claiming to be from the Council, explaining the resident’s central heating was due an upgrade. The caller went on to ask very personal questions about the victim’s finances and benefits.

“This is a fraudulent call. Please be wary and if you get a call like this or receive any other suspicious call report it by calling Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or on the online fraud reporting tool at

Helping PC Paddy “Wildlife Crime Update”

West Lancs Rural Watch – Update – “Hi folks just an update re todays flurry of poachers. With the much appreciated help of farmers and others with keen eyes and good sense I located a vehicle hidden away clearly involved in the poaching and containing items associated with running dogs on wild Hares.

“Two suspects returned to the vehicle a short time later and subsequently I have seized their vehicle from them and they will have their day in court for committing offences on us. I wish to reinforce the importance of keeping talking to us and telling us what is happening. I understand we are not perfect, we cannot be everywhere and we may have occasionally let some of you down.

“However, lets keep sharing information, working together and giving more poachers a right long walk home! Rural Crime Matters. All the very best, Paddy Stewart – PC 169 – RURAL AND WILDLIFE CRIME OFFICER”.

Nice one Paddy, more power to your truncheon!

Rural Crime Update

West Lancs Rural Watch – “Morning folks – Quick rural crimes update for you,

“There’s been some diesel tanks targeted around the area – please be mindful. Also for those around Mere Brow, Tarleton and Holmeswood I have received some info that lampers and other poachers are targeting us of a night time.

“I will not tolerate this and will deal with it as a priority crime. If you see anything suspicious contact myself or cops on 101/999 and ask for info to be passed to PC 169 – reg numbers and descriptions always helpful! Cheers all – Paddy – Rural and Wildlife Crime Officer”.

Ease Lockdown And Expect To Be Burgled

As lockdown eases in the UK, the Police and Home Office are expecting a rise in burglaries.

Neighbourhood Watch has partnered with the Home Office to campaign to help keep people safe and continue the great work NHW schemes do.

Expect to see the posters broadcast on social media, and look out for others. Life’s safer when you know your neighbours. With more people looking out for unusual behaviour on our streets, burglaries can be prevented.

Police Operation For Pubs And Bars

“We want to let you know that a significant policing operation is in place for the weekend,

as officers prepare for the reopening of pubs and bars in Lancashire. From Saturday, all pubs and bars, closed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, can reopen with restrictions”.

Police are encouraging people to enjoy their day, behave responsibly and look after themselves. Ch Supt Sam MacKenzie, of Lancashire Police, said “We recognise the impact the lockdown has had and understand many people will want to take advantage of bar and pubs reopening. We want people to enjoy their day if they are going to the pub but we’d urge them to look after themselves and keep themselves safe.

“There is a significant policing operation in place with extra officers out and about. We also have policing plans in place covering the entire county including large towns and more rural areas. If you are going out, please follow the rules of the pub, pace yourself and drink safely. We will have extra resources on all weekend to target and deal with crime and anti-social behaviour. At best you can expect to be dispersed or sent home – at worst you can expect to be locked up”.

In June the government announced a series of measures to ease the lockdown in England. From July 4, social distancing guidance will change from 2m to ‘one metre plus’. As well as restaurants and pubs, museums and galleries, cinemas, hairdressers, children’s playgrounds and holiday accommodation can reopen from Saturday.

Ch Supt Mackenzie added “People should remember the guidance on social distancing and keep a safe distance from others. It’s up to people to show individual responsibility and do the right thing. The virus has not gone away. Keep a safe distance apart and keep yourself and your families safe. If you don’t feel you can socially distance inside or outside any licensed premises then do the sensible thing and go somewhere else.

“If we don’t control the virus there is a risk of a localised lock down which is something I am sure we would all want to avoid. Make sure you plan your journey home – some public transport operators are still running a reduced service and taxis may be hard to come by. If you see any large unlawful gatherings or anti-social behaviour then please tell us – by calling 101”.

Lucky Escape From Crash

A driver had a lucky escape after smashing his car while trying to outdrive police. The officers had attempted to stop the vehicle in Ormskirk for suspected document offences when it sped off.

Just 11 seconds later police found the car crashed on Dark Lane. The bonnet was ripped off and debris strewn across the road.

Lancashire Constabulary Inspector Andy Willis stated “The collision involved one vehicle. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but it made off. Eleven seconds later it crashed. It was going too fast for the conditions”.

No injuries were reported and the driver, a local male, will be reported for motoring and document offences. 

Meanwhile, our Aughton Parish Council being moribund, we can report that 107 crimes were reported in April 2020. Crime is up 114% compared to this time last year There were 50 crimes reported in April 2019.

Anti-social behaviour + 56.07% (60); Violence and sexual offences + 22.43% (24); Burglary + 6.54% (7); Criminal damage and arson + 3.74% (4); Possession of weapons + 2.8% (3); Shoplifting + 1.87% (2); Vehicle crime + 1.87% (2); Robbery + 0.93% (1); Other theft + 0.93% (1); Other crime + 0.93% (1); Drugs + 0.93% (1); Public order + 0.93% (1)

Police Advice On Covid-19 Frauds

Covid19 – Fraud Update

Good Morning “If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You will have received a number of messages from us recently regarding fraud and the current COVID19 pandemic. Whilst it is paramount of keep yourselves safe and healthy, it is also important to be wary of how fraudsters are using the situation to defraud people. Below is a round up of some of the scams we are currently seeing.

” Victims are being persuaded to make advance payments for things such as rental properties, caravans and pets. The fraudsters state the victim cannot view the item due to the current pandemic. The advertisements are fake and the items do not exist. The victim pays the fee with no item provided. This is commonly known as advance fee fraud.

“Fraudsters are sending phishing emails and texts out advertising face masks, playing on rumours regarding the use of these going forward. Legitimate companies will never contact you out of the blue to purchase face masks, and links within the emails and texts are malicious. Please delete! “As mentioned in our messages to you, courier frauds are still being attempted nationwide with 191 people in the UK now being victims. The bank or police will never contact you asking to make purchases, or to withdraw your money for examination!

“Phishing emails are a common theme throughout fraud, not just during this pandemic. Fraudsters are sending emails purporting to be from Tesco offering free vouchers, The World Health Organisation informing recipients they have been chosen to receive compensation, and Virgin Media stating there has been problems with paying bills due to the pandemic. All these emails are designed to hook victims in and obtain person and financial details. “Further messages regarding COVID19 and fraud will be sent out as a when it is relevant to do so. Please be aware that criminals will use any mainstream news and adapt it to fraudulent scenarios, and that is applicable more than ever during the current climate”.

“Stay safe. The Economic Crime Unit, Lancashire Police”.