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Senior Golfers Facing Discrimination At The Beacon Park Golf Course?

You’d think that the wise words of Rupert Soames, the Chief Executive of Serco Group plc

on 24th April 2020 when he wrote about the Beacon Park Golf Course that “Suspended membership payments leaving us with no income …is a financial and operational disaster” would mean any income from people playing golf again would be welcomed?

So it comes as a surprise that a deliberate decision is to stop the most loyal members from arranging competition block bookings this coming weekend. Two Senior players would go out and maintain social distancing and other Senior pairs would follow at set times. It’s standard procedure. Block booking keeps the competition orderly.

Unfortunately it seems that the Serco Leisure Area Manager has refused the request of the Seniors for the block bookings they sought, apparently on grounds of them not now having enough members. Readers might think Rupert Soames would be rejoicing that groups of golfers are willing to pay to play on the ruinous burned out golf course, rather than to be paid to play on it!

It seems to some Seniors this ruling is discriminatory and probably unlawful. Equality must surely apply to these elderly golfers, by virtue alone of the “Seniors” title their club is known by, and it is known how long the BPGC has by custom and practice allowed for block bookings? Certainly long before Serco Leisure were tragically awarded the BPGC lease?

WLBC should review the facts of this unseemly decision, particularly what the WLBC legal view is of the imposition that Serco Leisure has informed Senior players of? It seems to be a matter of some urgency for the coming weekend.

Meanwhile, golfers will be amused by the latest  “Doing a Dominic” as a golfing term, as shown below.

The Serco Golf Course “Dry Run”.

Below, we show photographic evidence of Beacon Park Golf Course as Serco offers the senior golfers a “dry run” today. It involves no watering, of greens or any other part of the course. It demonstrates how little Beacon Park Golf Course matters to West Lancashire elected members and the Leisure Services department. It’s a disgrace that requires an inquiry how this incompetent sham is allowed to continue.


Who in WLBC believes this, above, is worth any payment for a round of golf? Is there any elected member who continues to believe Serco Leisure Operating Ltd should be involved in any “service” to West Lancashire?



Revealed: Serco Under Fire Over Fresh £90m COVID-19 Contract

The firm that ruined the Beacon Park Golf Course and can’t even water the greens,

that is in charge of England’s ‘track and trace’ now responsible for supporting vulnerable people during the pandemic, is Serco. MPs and campaigners say the decision is ‘outrageous’. Revealed by openDemocracy

“Outsourcing giant Serco have been awarded a multimillion-pound contract by the Department for Work and Pensions to provide emergency contact centre services for vulnerable people who are self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak, an investigation by openDemocracy can reveal.

“Serco has been promised an initial fee of £45.8 million but this could rise to as much as £90 million. The government published details of the contract only on 30 April – more than a month after it had awarded the contract and after work had already begun.

“The global contracting firm plays a central role in the UK’s pandemic response despite coming under heavy criticism for its work so far. The contact tracing system – which Serco is leading – launched this week but is not expected to be fully operational until the end of the June. Last week, Labour called for an investigation after it emerged that Serco had accidentally shared the email addresses of hundreds of contract tracers.

“Responding to openDemocracy’s investigation, opposition MPs have demanded that the government explain why Serco has been given another major contract – and this time one that makes the company responsible for giving crucial support to the most vulnerable citizens. Serco itself has declined to comment.

“Serco landed the DWP contract for an “emergency capacity contact centre” through an existing framework agreement with the department. It is unclear whether other companies were allowed to bid for the works.

“openDemocracy asked the government to clarify the procurement process and the scope of works that Serco is carrying out – but the DWP declined to answer our questions. Instead, the department has insisted we raise a freedom of information request, a lengthy process with no guarantee of an answer.

“The government has been criticised for handing out COVID-19 contracts worth more than £1 billion to private-sector firms without tenders. British manufacturers accused another company, Deloitte, of being “useless” after the consultancy was charged with procuring personal protective equipment (PPE).

“Serco, which sponsored an event at last year’s Conservative Party conference, has also faced heavy criticism for its role in the UK’s pandemic response. Serco is overseeing the crucial track-and-trace system that has been launched today. But people it has recruited to work as contract tracers have already complained about a lack of training and guidance.

“Earlier this month, Serco was condemned after it accidentally shared the contact details of 300 contact tracers. The error has led to calls for an urgent investigation into the “alarming” incident. At the beginning of May, the Daily Mirror exposed a company subcontracting for Serco on the National Shielding Helpline that was pressurising workers to abandon social distancing rules. The subcontractor had asked workers to sign waivers clearing it of blame if they became sick.

Cat Hobbs, director of campaign group We Own It

said “Serco is the last company we want supporting vulnerable people in this crisis. It has a long track record of putting profit first and damaging people’s lives. It’s outrageous that this company has been given even more responsibility. Relying on unaccountable outsourcing companies is a bad habit the government needs to drop. Investing in the NHS and direct public service provision is the only way we’ll get out of this crisis safely”.

 Serco declined openDemocracy’s requests for comment. As they would?

Play Golf On A Maintained Course, Or At Beacon Park Golf Course

As we all know, the once beautiful Beacon Park Golf Course (BPGC) is a seriously damaged landfill site that delivered up its huge amount of unaudited/unaccounted for landfill royalties to beneficial private  companies, long since departed apart from Serco, that is.

Serco remains because it holds the lease, and because it breached planning conditions for the development that they turned into destruction but agreed to restore in part which WLBC accepted.

The coronavirus lockdown was used by Serco to furlough leisure staff using the Government Job Retention Scheme, employed but not allowed to work, as Rupert Soames of Serco accepts. Both WLBC and Serco admit in writing that work closed on 20th March and they agreed to “recommence essential maintenance works at Beacon Park on 20th April”.

As we’ve pointed out, golf courses and no maintenance work is not a recommended combination. Grass doesn’t go into furlough. But remarkably the WLBC Head of Leisure and Wellbeing agreed almost word for word with Serco on the process described.  So how does the BPGC look today? Judge for yourselves, pictures of greens taken today.

Not much to be proud of, is it? No evidence of maintained watering, just parched and cracking. The foot you see belongs to a senior member, soon to be known as “the few” as many depart to play at real golf courses without landfill and with watered greens, such as at Mossock Hall, below.

Who could blame them?

Corruption, And Suspicion Of It, In Serco

Outsourcing Serco has a long term leisure contract with WLBC. The company declares “Even on the smallest scale, corruption is corrosive, and just the suspicion of it can severely damage our reputation. Remember: we would rather forego business or lose money than become involved in corruption even on the smallest scale. Sometimes doing wrong can seem right. For instance, when a small illegitimate payment would prevent a project falling behind schedule, it may seem harmless to pay up. Never be tempted to do so. Bribery means giving or receiving an unearned reward to influence someone’s behaviour. One common form of bribery is a “kickback” an unearned reward following favourable treatment. Both are corrupt.

“Corruption is any unlawful or improper behaviour that seeks to gain an advantage through illegitimate means. Bribery, abuse of power, extortion, fraud, deception, collusion, cartels, embezzlement and money laundering are all forms of corruption”.

In July 2013 Justice Secretary Chris Grayling

seen with London based WLBC Cllr Currie, told the Commons that G4S, along with rival Serco, could have overcharged the taxpayer by up to £50million for monitoring tagged crooks who were in jail, abroad or even dead.

Serco officially stated “Serco Geografix Ltd has taken responsibility under the terms of the proposed DPA for three offences of fraud and two of false accounting committed between 2010 and 2013 related to the reporting to the UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ) of the levels of profitability of Serco’s Electronic Monitoring (EM) contract. These issues were reported by Serco to the SFO and the MoJ in November 2013.

“Investigations into allegations of wrongful billing which were the subject,  understandably, of significant public and Parliamentary concern in 2013 have now been concluded without any criminal charges against Serco”.

The Independent Newspaper wrote about routine use of council gagging orders leaving Britain open to corruption. “If staff are silenced by gagging orders, it increases the risk that we will wake up in five or ten years to find that corruption has taken root in local government” was referring to council workers having been routinely issued with gagging orders when they left public service.

An investigation found that thousands of ex-council workers were offered extra money under “compromise agreements” if they promised not to say anything bad about their former employers. And figures obtained by BBC Radio 5 live suggested £226.7 million of taxpayers’ money had been paid out as part of settlements to more than 17,500 council workers, most of which included strict secrecy clauses.

Metro News told us “The UK has dropped three places to 11th in the latest report on corruption levels around the world. And make no mistake, despite the UK’s general complacency about not being a corrupt country, there is plenty of it about. A former advisor to the prime minister back in late 2017 wrote about the ‘endemic’ corruption in the UK’s planning system. “In every corner of the country, you can find stories of bribery, with local councillors and officials rigging the planning process for their own gain” he said.

The CIPFA Code of Practice on Managing the Risk of Fraud and Corruption is applicable to all public services organisations. The code is comprised of five key principles, which are to: acknowledge the responsibility of the governing body for countering fraud and corruption; identify the fraud and corruption risks; develop an appropriate counter fraud and corruption strategy; provide resources to implement the strategy; take action in response to fraud and corruption.

And in the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 is stated “Local authorities should use a risk management approach with strong internal control arrangements to reduce the risk of any payment fraud as a result of publishing public data. Local authorities should refer to the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy Code of Practice on Managing the Risk of Fraud and Corruption”.
WLBC, even under its new management, has its own policy on anti-fraud and corruption. As we relate so often Serco Leisure Operating Ltd sub-contracted with Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd to undertake what was supposedly a development of the Beacon Park Golf Course. Serco even allowed Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd to make a planning application relating to a golf course condition by its named Director, Jonathan Snellgrove, whose public record at Companies House included company dissolution owing £100,000 of VAT to HMRC, never recovered, and included a Liverpool Magistrates conviction following a case brought by Knowsley Borough Council planning department

WLBC states “Areas which may be most at risk in respect of corruption are (this is not an exhaustive list): Tendering and award of contracts”. CONCLUSION 8.1 The Authority has always prided itself on setting and maintaining high standards and a culture of openness, with core values of fairness and trust. This Policy fully supports this desire to maintain an honest Authority, free from fraud and corruption.

8.2 The Authority has in place a network of systems and procedures to assist it in dealing with fraud and corruption when it occurs. It is determined that these arrangements will keep pace with future developments and techniques to both prevent and detect fraudulent or corrupt activity that may affect its operation 8.3 The Authority will maintain a review of these systems and procedures through continuous Internal Audit work and this Policy will also be reviewed regularly.

Readers might think WLBC and its elected members have enough alleged fraud and/or corruption at the Serco leased Beacon Park Golf Course landfill/royalty development to investigate than to insinuate members of the public fighting for justice accuse them of it? Having an individual director of a company involved in fraud might have instigated some due diligence from at least one employee of WLBC. It seems not!

Unwanted Invaders Creep Into Golf Course Greens, Courtesy Of Serco

Who remembers the days five years ago when the Beacon Park Golf Course club house, above, was for golfers, before it became a snack bar? Now it caters for very few senior members but they are still the backbone of the club.

In response to some questions about the state of the course caused by the closure, WLBC Head of Wellbeing and Leisure responds that “It has a team responsible for the inspection of the course; that a recent review has not been completed as the course closed on 20 March and staff were sent home on furlough on 23 March; maintenance of the site recommenced on 20 April and Serco have confirmed that they are currently complying with the England Golf essential maintenance guidelines; they are unable to name the members who complimented on the condition of the course; the greens mower is used as needed and dictated by the Head Greenkeeper; Pathways were created at the temporary entrance to the 1st tee; and Serco have indicated they are hopeful that works will re-commence as soon as possible, however at present due to the current circumstances they are unable to confirm a commencement or completion date.

We point out that almost five weeks of inactivity on golf course maintenance will be a disaster. It will have deep repercussions, posing potential risks to a course’s long-term health and the conditions many golfers take for granted, as they did over five years ago, shown below.

When grass is left un-mown, it doesn’t just grow longer. It gets harder to whip back into playing shape. You’d think it might be simple. Just whack the grass down to whatever height you want it? But it doesn’t work like that. Good maintenance is governed by what’s known as the “one-third rule,” which boils down to this: never lop off more than one-third of the leaf blade with a single mow. Mow any lower and you risk ‘scalping’ the grass, which can cause both short and long-term damage. Scalping shows itself in brown and thinned out patches, which are bad enough to start but get even worse if left untended, as they allow for algae, moss and other unwanted invaders to creep in. And that’s what has happened at BPGC.

Greens typically need to be mown at least once every three days. Without that regular tending, they become overgrown. Getting them back up to speed is tough. Sometimes it’s impossible, and the entire putting surface has to be reseeded, and you’re looking at least two months before they’re ready for play again.

Though fairways can be left to grow longer than greens, they still need mowing at least once a week. Without the staff doing that mowing will raise the fairway mowing height, which, of course, results in shaggier landing areas and less pristine lies. Like the rubbish below.

All life depends on water. Grass is no exception. It needs irrigation. Exactly how much depends on a range of factors, including climate, rainfall, soil and turf type. But no golf course can survive without enough to drink. As with mowing, rough areas and fairways are more drought-tolerant than greens, which, in dry, hot weather, need to be watered at least every day or two.

On a course that’s getting little to no play, bunkers are less vulnerable to maintenance issues than greens and fairways. But if they’re left untended, weeds can overtake them. Those weeds can be removed, of course, but that might require removing several inches of sand as well, a relatively quick fix, but a costly one. Washouts are another threat. If washouts occur repeatedly, the sand can get contaminated and need to be replaced entirely.

What we can safely assume is, Serco continues its programme of ruination of the Beacon Park Golf Course, and unless somebody has the balls to step in and end the £1 annual lease it will die, another sports facility failure in Skelmersdale. How many more?


Beacon Park Golf Course Today

On the West Lancashire Borough Council website today “This 18-hole golf course is a picturesque testing ground set high above the Lancashire plain. The 5,996 yard course has a par of 72”.

You notice the heap of landfill in the background, picture taken today? And not “was” a picturesque testing ground, but “is” as of 17 May 2020. Of course, we all know it isn’t “a picturesque testing ground” but WLBC can’t admit it. Our council is in breach of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 which remains in force in England, and of course there is the Consumer Rights Act too.

This, below, is another picture of a “yellow green” at Beacon Park Golf Course now that the course is open again.
There is a “West Lancashire Borough Council Playing Pitch Assessment” that includes “The capacity for pitches to regularly provide for competitive play, training and other activity over a season is most often determined by their quality. As a minimum, the quality and therefore the capacity of a pitch affects the playing experience and people’s enjoyment of a sport. In extreme circumstances it can result in a pitch being unable to cater for all or certain types of play during peak and off peak times”.

Or most of the time? Because these ARE extreme circumstances, the landfill royalty greed circumstances, that have made Beacon Park Golf Course become the worst managed municipal golf course in the country as parts of it disappeared under landfill. Below, a cracked green, not watered, because it is apparent that irrigation pipes have been damaged and there is no piped water to reach the parched greens. 

And, states WLBC, “Presenting an accurate picture of current demand for playing pitches (i.e. recording how and when pitches are used) is important in order to carry out the full supply and demand assessment. Demand for playing pitches tends to fall within the categories: Organised competitive play; Organised training; and Informal play. In addition, unmet and displaced demand for provision is also identified on a sport by sport basis. Unmet demand is defined as the number of additional teams that could be fielded if access to a sufficient number of pitches (and ancillary facilities) was available. Displaced demand refers to teams that are generated from residents of the area but due to any number of factors do not currently play within the area”.

Vandalism of a municipal golf course by planning consent by the municipality that holds the stewardship of it is neglect, pure and simple. To allow it to last from the first planning consent in 2011 to 2020, nine years and counting as you see it today, isn’t just neglect, it’s criminal!


No Birdies At Beacon Park Golf Course Today?

1,800 golf courses reopened. It should be 1,801, but to the eternal shame of Serco, the Beacon Park Golf Course in our borough remains closed.

Pic above, Mailonline, as Peter Bone MP from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Golf welcomed the return to courses. He told the MailOnline ‘I’m keen to get as many sporting activities available to people as possible. I want to see as many people able to play sport safely so I’m delighted that angling can go ahead, tennis can go ahead and golf can go ahead because they’re clearly easy to social distance”.

As the value of the Serco order book has increased by £2.1bn to £14bn, propelled by a record order intake of £5.4bn, Rupert Soames described 2018 as an “inflection point”, he has characterised 2019 as the year Serco reached “escape velocity… able to leave behind the gravitational drag of previous missteps”.

We can only wonder if knows what he will say about the misstep that is the Beacon Park Golf Course shambles.

Ridden with illegal planning that led to excess landfill with all records of landfill VAT and royalties buried under it.

And Quentin Letts of The Times gave West Lancashire an airing, as the Speaker of the Commons introduced Rosie Cooper (Lab, W Lancs) as “the wonder of Lancashire”.

“On came big Rosie, baring canines, pushing up so close to the camera that we got a sense of what an Ormskirk saveloy must see in its final moments before being gobbled down her hatch”. Try as we might, we can’t even find a picture of a genuine Ormskirk savaloy.

Comments on this Letts report included “Another triumph from Quentin with his recognition for Ormskirk” and “An Ormskirk saveloy sounds vaguely pornographic”, eh? and obviously from a historian “Saveloy – a red, smooth-textured, well seasoned,

smoked sausage, comparable to a large hot dog. Popular in the North of England in the last century it is widely seen now in fish and chip shops who sell them battered and deep-fried“. Then “What is the connection with the MP for West Lancs?” and “No one eats saveloy in ormskirk. Or anywhere much north of Stratford. Factual note: Saveloys are at home in Essex. Unknown in Ormskirk. Mind you, Letts was never known for accuracy”.
You might prefer it deep fried, above? Or perhaps Letts might be deep fried by Rosie?


Welcome To The “Not Re-Opening Beacon Park Golf Course”

We all know how proud Serco is of its awards

From The Contracts Manager, South Ribble Community Leisure & West Lancs Community Leisure. Burscough Fitness & Racquets Centre, Mart Lane, Burscough.

Subject: Beacon Park Golf Course Reopening; Sent: 12 May 2020

Serco Business


“In light of the recent Government announcement to relax restrictions and to increase the time people can spend outdoors, Serco are currently working with West Lancashire Borough Council to agree a timetable for re-opening Beacon Park Golf Course.

“As soon as we are in a position to advise Golf Course members of an opening date we will do so accordingly. Unfortunately this will not now be tomorrow – but we are hopeful it will be very soon”.

Are we surprised? No, and we award them the “Couldn’t run a piss-up in a brewery” gold cup! 

The 12 Year Old History Of The Serco/WLBC Scandal

In 2008 the then WLBC Labour Cllr Cotterill

the Shadow Portfolio Holder Leisure Services wrote “I’ve received an ‘invitation’ from the West Lancashire District Council Chief Executive to meet himself and the District Solicitor to “discuss issues relating to the press release which you issued on SERCO Leisure Service”.

“I duly went along to see the Council offices the other day to see what was up. They advised me that: a) my press release in March, which suggested the Audit Commission was ‘closing in’ on the ‘scandal’ that is Serco’s delivery of leisure services in West Lancashire, was a little bit close to the wire; b) Serco might have looked to take legal action against me for the original report on their activities, and that I should be careful in future.

After which Cllr Cotterill wrote “However, I stand by my report and will be continuing to investigate and shed as much light as possible on what I believe is incorrect use of public money by Serco, and ineffective governance by the West Lancashire Leisure Trust”.

We wrote “Serco so far?”

“In 2019 Serco Leisure Operating Ltd has breached planning conditions at the Beacon Park Golf Course, has blamed Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, its development partner, has received £183,864 royalties revenue that should be for the West Lancashire Leisure Trust to allocate on local health initiatives, and is responsible for the loss of competitive golf for Senior Golfers for at least a year. 2019 proves Cllr Cotterill was right to challenge Serco in 2008.

And we will probably still write similar reports in 2020 unless Serco meets the commitment that Rupert Soames has made to West Lancashire Borough Council “To invest this money (£183,864) at Beacon Park Golf Course”. And of course in 2020 we are still writing similar reports.

But the evidence of ineffective governance by WLBC has once again been stirred up by the BPGC Senior Golfers, the hardy regulars, the backbone of challengers to the appalling state of BPGC that led to their expulsion from local competition!

 Rupert Soames sent a letter about the Beacon Park Golf Course shutdown. One reply to him includes “Many thanks Mr Soames for your reply. You wrote ‘’I can confirm that it is Serco Leisure Operating Limited’s responsibility to maintain the golf course’’. The people that YOU employ, and are responsible for, deserted the course and left it to vegetate for a period of four weeks whilst ALL the other courses in the area continued essential maintenance. As an example, SHERDLEY PARK greenkeepers were actually NOT working for TWO DAYS. The management called them back in to work and considered it vital to carry out essential maintenance.

You also wrote ‘’We closed the West Lancashire leisure facilities we operate for the council’’. Yes …… a blanket policy……..easy to make……you can even say ‘’ in accordance with Government Instruction’’ Wrong decision !!!  Beacon Park Golf Course is unique in its requirements. It should have been treated as such. It was not a months holiday. As you said, SERCO are responsible for the maintenance of BPGC and are being paid by the taxpayers of West Lancs to manage that maintenance.

“Within days of the ‘LOCKDOWN’ an instruction from the union of golf greenkeepers BIGGA had given a NATIONAL approval that it was ok for greenkeepers to work provided they carry out sensible ‘social distancing’ (not difficult for 2 greenkeepers on a golf course that is two miles long). SERCO took 4 weeks to resume essential maintenance. The return to work was initiated by members complaints to you Mr Soames.

You also wrote ‘’this position will be reviewed on an ongoing basis’’ NONSENSE. The only reason you have instructed the SINGLE greenkeeper to return to work is because we, the membership, have written to complain and pointed out that ALL other clubs in the area are carrying out maintenance work.

‘’We took the decision to suspend membership payments’’ ‘’leaving us with no income to cover our staff and fixed costs’’. SERCO are paid almost £ 1 million pounds per annum for managing BPGC plus other facilities. They also admit to making £200k from landfill ( a joke !) Current membership has been reduced from 300 to 50 since SERCO took over management of BPGC. A high proportion of the current 50 membership are SENIOR members. The course is in such a bad state at the moment because of SERCO overspill on the football golf landfill that SERCO have reduced annual fees by 50%.

That actually equates to approximately £200/annum golf fees for a senior member. This is approximately £17/month. 50 members @ £17/month is a grand total of £850/month

It is difficult to swallow your cries of ‘’financial and operational disaster’’ for a massive organisation like SERCO for £850/month. Particularly when the government is paying 80% of your employee’s wages and also when you are receiving part of a £1 million pound fee to run a golf course that costs you £1 in rental [annual lease] fees.

‘’the maintenance regime will remain in place to allow surfaces to be brought back to an appropriate playing standard’’. Thank you. If you had not let the playing surfaces deteriorate in the first place then they would not need ‘bringing back’!

‘’Having reviewed the recent guidance provided by England Golf and in consultation with the council, I can confirm that we recommenced essential maintenance works at beacon Park’’ NONSENSE. As I have said previously, the only reason that essential maintenance has resumed is because we have complained to YOU Mr Soames. YOU are maintaining the course, why do you have to consult with the council?

“This next quote from your letter is a really confusing ! ‘’albeit on a reduced basis so as not to encourage social gathering or unauthorised usage’’ How on earth does essential maintenance on a reduced basis discourage social gathering and unauthorised usage. You have NO IDEA what you are talking about !!!

“The fact that (a) there has been no essential maintenance for a month and (b) there is just ONE greenkeeper maintaining the course actually ENCOURAGES unauthorised usage and social gathering. Children have been playing in the sand bunkers, families walking the fairways and NUMEROUS members of the public playing and practising unauthorised golf on the course.

“If the course had been maintained properly (like other local courses) then there would have been a REDUCED amount of social gathering and unauthorised usage. Your letter is a pathetic and an inaccurate reply to our complaints. ‘’I trust this clears up the matter’’. NO it does not clear up the matter Mr. Soames. ‘’If not please feel free to come back to me’’. I am coming back to you Mr Soames.

“SERCO’s handling and management of BPGC is pathetic! You have NO track record of Golf Course management. The people you employ to manage the golf course have NO golf knowledge or golf experience. The Nine Hole Par 3 course and Football golf area are a disaster. A disaster that you have, by your own admittance, made money from”.

We don’t know who, if anyone, isclosing in on the ‘scandal” now in 2020. We doubt there is any interest by the WLBC to expose the entire financial matter that gave landfill royalties to everyone but council tax payers. Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd accounts show huge cash movements between related companies, such as Oakland Materials Ltd, of which by public admission on Companies House documents Jonathan Snellgrove is a director, as he is also of OTB Concepts Ltd. Read the relevant information below, on google. Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd for the year ended 30 August 2017.