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I am a pensioner. I was a strong supporter of the rights of elderly and disabled residents of West Lancashire to receive equal treatment from the old Tory WLBC that unfortunately did not agree, leading to the social exclusion of some immobile disabled residents. My personal suggestion of honouring the County Regiment led to us having probably the proudest day ever in West Lancashire, with the help of Cllr Adrian Owens who wrote "You will be pleased to learn that this evening the motion passed unanimously. Colonel Amlot from the Regiment was accorded a standing ovation and we look forward to a parade and march through Ormskirk next year. Thank you". After the Parade I wrote to Cllr Owens "I was reading through the emails we exchanged after I made the suggestion to honour our County Regiment. As you said today, we got there in the end, and what an end? This celebration of our Regiment was quite simply, as my original mail said, the greatest honour of all. To see all these young people who risk their lives for us was so moving. Little did I know what Council could do and how our residents would react to it all. Well, we should all be so proud of this great day. I know I am".

West Lancashire A-Z Of Services

The West Lancashire Borough Council has no plausibility, no credibility, in matters concerning Freedom of Information and or Transparency. “First-tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber) Information Rights. Appeal Reference: EA/2018/0219. Mr Gavin Rattray. Re West Lancashire Borough Council Second Respondent”.

Mr Rattray had expectations he would receive
“Copies of all legal and non-agreements (sic) and accommodations between WLBC and United Utilities made since 2005 concerning the local plans/local development frameworks”. And “Copies of all communications, notes taken, meeting agendas and minutes meetings between UU and WLBC”, and “Copies of all communications, notes taken, meeting agendas and minutes meetings between WLBC and the environment agency concerning surface water flooding (including sewers) and water management in Burscough and its outlying areas of New Lane, Crabtree Lane and Martin Mere”.

WLBC had complained that “voluminous amounts of correspondence have caused a disproportionate level of disruption to the Council which is not a good use of the Council’s limited resources and which has distracted officers from the day-to-day running of council business”.

Under F

“The Freedom of Information Act received Royal Assent on 30 November 2000 and came into force on 1 January 2005. From January 2005, any person or body resident in or outside the UK, has the right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities, subject only to the limitations imposed by the Act and other legislation. The legislation is designed to promote greater openness and transparency throughout the public sector and applies to all public authorities, including West Lancashire Borough Council”.

Under T

“Open data in the public sector is about increasing transparency and sharing the information we hold with the wider community. “You are free to use any of the data on this section of the website in a wide variety of applications. We license use in accordance with the same terms and conditions as specified by (external link). “The Local Government Transparency Code places requirements on local authorities to publish information in order to increase democratic accountability and make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision-making process and help shape public services. Further information and a copy of the code is available on (external link). “.

Readers will note “information” and “transparency” are quoted in both WLBC statements.

Now, anyone expecting WLBC to comply with the requirement of Rattray and the First Tier Tribunal will be sorely disappointed. WLBC will persist in claiming vexation. Indeed, nobody is immune from that doctrine. Rosie Cooper MP has joined the select WLBC vexatious club. Read her letter here.

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The WLBC history of the BPGC is sordid. It claims there is nothing to respond to. In its wisdom WLBC privatised control of the BPGC for an annual payment to it of £25,000 by DCT Leisure Ltd. Had due diligence been applied WLBC would have been aware DCT Leisure Ltd was in VAT payment arrears to HMRC and had failed to pay redundancy payments to staff, but it took the public dissolution of DCT Leisure Ltd to expose the WLBC failures.

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Notwithstanding that shambles, WLBC Leisure Department allowed the landfill for royalties partnership with Serco Leisure Operating Ltd and Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd whose director Jonathon Snellgrove, awarded a planning permission by WLBC, had failed with another company, UK Sports Parks Ltd, that was charged with breach of planning by Knowsley Council and convicted in absence by Liverpool Magistrates and fined £9,000 that was never paid. Nor was £100,000 paid to HMRC for VAT. Inefficiency and lack of due diligence allowed it to contaminate this borough council.

West Lancashire Coronavirus Has Increased Its Harm Again

Sadly three patients have died at Ormskirk & Southport NHS Trust hospitals. One occurred on November 28th and two on November 29th. There have now been 243 losses in our community.

West Lancashire has also shown increased levels of coronavirus infections. We report on 25 new cases, that’s now 4,619 infections, 4,040.9 per 100,000 of the population.

Road Monster Spotted In Halsall

Angry residents from Moss Road, Halsall have yet again contacted their Parish Council regarding contractor’s vehicles arriving and departing the construction site on the Birkdale Cop Road. The latest and most disturbing incident was a HGV, registration number GB18 VEP owed by Van Elle Ltd (see photo below) which drove through Moss Road on 30th November 2020.

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The HPC writes “The vehicle registration and company details can be confirmed via site entry and access logs from the site office. I think we can safely assume that this vehicle exceeds the 7 1/2 ton road weight limit by a considerable amount and is one of a number of ever increasing infringements of HGV’s abusing the road weight restrictions emanating from the housing development.

“On investigation, we believe this HGV is from Van Elle’s depot located at the Genesis Centre, Garrett Field, Birchwood, Warrington, WA3 7BH. The blatant abuse of weight restrictions on Moss Road together with contractors ignoring site traffic management plans and planning conditions is making life for residents in this area a misery and appropriate Police action is unfortunately very necessary.

“We hope Lancashire Police will conduct a full investigation and an appropriate prosecution and licence endorsement being the outcome.

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“What can Lancashire Police do in the short term to enforce the weight restriction on Moss Road to reduce HGV infringements?”

Perhaps the answer lies with the willingness or not of the Lancashire Constabulary to act on evidence supplied by the public? They do use checkpoints.

When will they use them on Moss Road in Halsall? The evidence is there, the public have provided it. We hope to publish details of a successful prosecution of the firm and driver in due course.

They prosecute for drink drive, what’s the difference in risk to lives?

Male Political Haircuts

If you haven’t heard of “Male Political Haircuts”, read on, as a twitter compares haircuts according to “A niche combination of politics (Mainly British but a bit of international dabbling) and mens’ haircuts! This account aims to be non-partisan”.

It’s only published here because of some local interest. To celebrate Lancashire Day four West Lancashire politicians had their hair styles compared,

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There was then a vote for the best, of which, despite a miss spelling of one there was a tie! Male Political Haircuts Nov 27 Best @Westlancsbc Cllr hair? #LancashireDay. Cllr Ian Moran 38.6%; Cllr Andy Pritchard 10.5%; Cllr Gareth Dowling 12.3%; Cllr Samuel Corrie 38.6%

And for the county, another four runners were

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4county.png

And the votes were Best @LancashireCC Cllr hair? #LancashireDay
Cllr Charlie Edwards 45.2%; Cllr David Foxcroft 16.7%; Cllr John Potter 28.6%; Cllr Paul Greenall 9.5%
. Sadly, dapper Cllr Greenall was last.

As it happens, we already knew how important it was for our elected representatives to become well known by their individual styles, and we have this on record from a few years ago.

A New UK Fishing Industry

By John Redwood, making eminent sense of no sacrifice to the EU.

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“Remembering past experiences of EU negotiations some fear another sell out of our fish. Unrelenting Remain supporters tell us as the fishing industry is so small, we should make concessions to secure other unspecified advantages in a general agreement. If the industry is as unimportant as they say it is to us, why would the EU be so keen to win concessions on it?

“Isn’t the truth that it is small today for the UK only because most of our fish are taken by continental boats and often taken away for processing far from our shores?

“Fish is one of many important wins from Brexit for the UK. It is also totemic, because most agree our membership of the EEC, now the EU, came with the sacrifice of our once large and healthy fishing industry. We have gone from good surplus and plenty of stock in our seas, to overfishing from abroad and an astonishing net deficit in fish.

“The government needs to take action to make the most of this opportunity. They must of course hold firm in negotiations and refuse to make any sacrifice of our fish. A Free Trade Agreement makes sense for the EU, so there is no need to sweeten the deal with a gift of fish.

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“The government should also get on with the following policies
1. Announce freeports, including our best fishing harbours, with favourable tax and regulatory conditions to found and grow a high quality food processing industry on the back of more landed fish.
2. Offer a fund to finance or guarantee finance on the purchase of new vessels from a UK yard or second hand vessels from a non UK owner, to undertake a rapid expansion of the UK fishing fleet.
3. Offer more training and training support packages to people wishing to undertake work in the industry.
4. Add Enterprise Zones to our Freeports, encouraging food manufacturers to make up great fish recipes, provide frozen product and help identify new markets for our food at home and abroad.

“I am sending this to the government for consideration”.

West Lancashire Coronavirus Reports Remain Encouraging

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Our West Lancashire Ormskirk & Southport NHS Trust hospitals have recorded 12 new coronavirus infections again today, bringing the cumulative total to 4,594 cases, that’s 4,019 per 100,000 of the population.

NHS England has updated our borough and again reported no coronavirus related deaths in West Lancashire. The total losses remain at 240.

The Serco Creed

In February 2017, in the fourth year of the great Beacon Park Golf Course landfill royalty swindle, we read about the Serco creed. It makes wonderful pantomime script.

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“Serco-Our culture is based on a set of four values – Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride – that shape our individual behaviours and hence the way the company behaves. They ensure we are all working from a commonly understood base that can be consistently applied across our organisation.

Trust us…with your golf course

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“Our values need to be lived every day, used to help us work through any challenges we may face and help us recognise and celebrate our achievements. They guide us in our dealings with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and the communities we serve. It is important that we hold ourselves and others accountable for our values every day and have defined a set of behaviours that are expected from all of us. They describe how our behaviours bring Serco’s values to life.

We care…about your golf course

“There are also some additional expectations for those of us who have a responsibility for managing people as well as our leaders. Joint venture partners-Serco is involved in a number of joint ventures with commercial partners and customers. Strong relationships, based on mutual trust and respect and clarity of roles, are essential ingredients if a joint venture is to deliver excellent customer service.

An innovation…on your golf course
, mud, glorious mud.

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“Our divisional management teams are responsible for relationships with our joint venture partners, supported by members of the Executive Committee and Board as appropriate. This includes holding regular strategy and review meetings with our partners. As with our suppliers, we continue to enhance the systems and processes to seek to ensure that our joint venture partners meet the standards we have set ourselves in our policies and through our values.

Our pride…in your golf course, it’s like no other!

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“Strategic partners-We often deliver services as part of a consortium, either as prime contractor or as a subcontractor. This allows us to bring together companies with the skills to meet the precise requirements of a bid. This includes working with voluntary sector organisations, which often lack the scale and experience to access major government programmes. Responsibility for relationships with our strategic partners lies with the relevant contract and divisional management”.

Our partners, Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd, have been and gone, just like the landfill royalties. Mission accomplished, our values intact.

No Surrender!

On Friday in a desperate attempt to salvage a deal on fishing, Michel Barnier attempted to persuade EU politicians and apparatchiks to drop their insistence on continued full access to UK sovereign waters. It has been reported that the offer to Lord Frost is now that the UK might be allowed “12-18%” of the catch of fish in UK waters after 31 Dec 2020!

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Under the EU our fishing industry has been decimated. Below we present facts researched from the UK’s official Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and its official antecedent organisations, from the EU’s official statistics agency Eurostat, and from DEFRA, the government department responsible for fisheries.

“On 01 January 2021 the UK will automatically become an independent coastal state. The UK’s 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) will then apply. The UK will automatically regain exclusive sovereign rights over all waters and resources within its EEZ under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

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Without an explicit agreement to the contrary, the EU has no legal right to fish in UK waters after 2020, nor to claim inflated quotas for resources that are predominantly in British waters. It will be forced under international laws and conventions to reduce the amount of fish its member states’ fleets can catch in all other waters – dramatically.

“The EU’s last documented position is that it is demanding that the UK must “uphold existing reciprocal access conditions, quota shares and traditional activity of the Union fleet.” In other words it wants full and unconditional access to the UK’s waters and its fish, exactly as if the United Kingdom were still an EU member state.

“Either the United Kingdom becomes a sovereign country on 01 January 2021 or it doesn’t.

“One of the many litmus tests for this is what happens to the UK’s control of its waters. As a nation with a long maritime history, it is essential that the UK regains full control. This should not be mitigated in any way by anything written into a ‘trade deal’ with the EU”.

it’s being claimed by the French that all the fish are French, but most of them just happen to swim in UK waters! C’est de la merde ce truc. 

Municipal Golf Course To Close

No, it’s not the landfill corruption riddled Beacon Park Golf Course, not yet! The nationwide ban on golf will be lifted in England this coming Wednesday but one course won’t be joining the throng of re-openings.

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All facilities at Brandon Wood Golf Course are now closed indefinitely and any access to the site is prohibited. Brandon Wood, located in Coventry, has fallen victim to desperately challenging economic conditions brought about this year by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A statement on its website revealed that the course, operated by Coventry Sports Trust, has welcomed its last golfer. “It is with regret that we have to announce that Brandon Wood Golf Course will not reopen once lockdown ends on Wednesday 2 December 2020,” read the statement.

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“The golf course is operated by Coventry Sports Trust on land owned by Coventry City Council and has been loss-making for some time. These challenges have been exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cst-logo.png

“Coventry City Council has in the past supported the Trust with additional funding so that the facility could remain open. However, with well-documented financial pressure faced by the local authority, it cannot provide ongoing financial support – a position Coventry Sports Trust understands.

“Therefore, Coventry Sports Trust has decided that the facility is no longer viable to operate without additional funding. A consultation period has started with staff affected by this decision”.

The local authority now intends to undertake an appraisal of the site to establish whether or not it can be sustained as a golf course or redeveloped for an alternative use. Social media users have responded to the news, with one saying “I’ve played this course countless times and I’ve always thought it was well maintained and a good track for the price of a round. Thoughts are with the staff at this time”.

Nestling in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside on the banks of the River Avon, Brandon Wood opened for play in 1977. They state “We thank all of our current and past users for their loyalty and custom over the years”.

Will the “landfilled for the royalty grabbers Beacon Park Golf Course” be next?
The latest un-confirmed news we have on BPGC is there is apparently no qualified green keeper, until January, and the Serco managers are using “voluntary artisans” at the site! Maybe the top secret WLBC leisure contract will soon see the light of transparency shining through it for the benefit of its owners, we council tax payers?

West Lancashire Encouraged By Low Coronavirus Infections

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West Lancashire has today recorded the lowest daily rise of coronavirus infections in the county. 12 new infections were reported. The borough is now reported to have an infection rate lower than the national average. The borough total is now 4,582, that’s 4,008.5 per 100,000 of the population.

There were no losses reported today in the borough, and the total losses remain at 240.