WLBC Said Share This

So here it is, while remembering Tawd Valley Developments is wholly publicly owned by WLBC via its taxpayers.

School children double iPad power thanks to Tawd Valley Developments. The children of St. James’s Catholic Primary School in Ashurst, Skelmersdale have had their number of iPads almost doubled courtesy of Tawd Valley Developments who are currently constructing 27 new council homes on their Northfield site adjacent to the school.

Unable to secure funding for similar resources from central government, the school has been gifted eight new iPads from the council-owned development company and the wider Northfield team of John McCall Architects, Whitfield & Brown and Shape Engineering.

Mark Kitts, Managing Director of Tawd Valley Developments, said: “We were delighted to be able to present St James’ with the iPads, almost doubling the number the children have available to help with their education.

“Tawd Valley Developments is aware that developing the houses, immediately next door to the school at our Northfield site will cause some short-term disruption to the local community and school so it’s fantastic to be able to support the school in a way that will have such long term benefits”.

Head Teacher of St James’ Catholic Primary School, Angela Blacoe, added “Everyone at St. James’ is very grateful for the kind donation of eight iPads from Tawd Valley Developments and their team.  These will make a big difference to the teaching and learning of our children.

“The school’s catchment is not classed as an area that requires additional funding from the Government, unlike other areas of Skelmersdale, and therefore we are not provided with additional resources such as iPads from the Department of Education, so these tablets will make a huge difference”.

Tawd Valley Developments will continue to support the school with fun and informative activity sessions on subjects like construction and science during construction of the new high-quality energy efficient 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes due to complete in July 2022.

Head Teacher, Angela Blacoe, continued “We are really looking forward to the future planned activities with Tawd Valley Developments such as a science lesson on constructing a tower out of marshmallow and dry pasta and an assembly talk on health and safety around building sites. The completion of the Northfield housing development next door to the school will bring new families to the local area and we look forward to welcoming the families and their children to our school community”.

It’s only 8 iPads, but is it wise for WLBC to provide funding for them via an alternative system to regular school funding? Perhaps other West Lancashire schools are short of iPads. Can they apply to Tawd Valley Developments for them?

2 thoughts on “WLBC Said Share This

  1. Adrian Owens

    good news for the school but this appears to be a donation from the house builders NOT from Tawd Vale Development Company but dressed up by the PR department to put some lipstick on the pig. We are getting 10% fewer council houses built (or less energy efficient houses – take your pick) by using Tawd Valley Development Company.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      As stated by WLBC “gifted eight new iPads from the council-owned development company AND the wider Northfield team of John McCall Architects, Whitfield & Brown and Shape Engineering”. That’s a specific enough plea of guilt for me…we are paying for the failure of school funding from the relevant education authority.


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