Police Take Action Against ASB Issues In Aughton

Due to reports of Anti-Social Behaviour in Aughton, West Lancs Police have increased visible Policing within the area. Local officers are tasked to the area, along with officers working on 24/7 Response Teams. Firstly, we want to ensure residents that they do not need to be alarmed by the increased Police presence. We are there in response to the concerns of the community.

Officers have been conducting high visibility patrols in the afternoon, throughout the evenings and into the night for the past week and will continue to do so. So far, officers have arrested an individual for Drunk and Disorderly, a youth referral has been issued, officers have engaged with the Co-operative store security and congregating youths have been dispersed and/or taken home to parents. Stop and search will also be conducted where necessary as well as interventions with the families of those identified as offenders”.

Chief Insp Abbott and Inspector Clough visited Aughton on Thursday 10th June to look at how Policing can be prioritised in the area. Police will also be attending the Parish Council meeting on Monday 14th June.

Chief Inspector Abbott said “We take reports of Anti-Social Behaviour seriously and will do whatever we can to put a stop to it and deal with those responsible. The community of Aughton and reduction in ASB is a priority and we will continue to work with the community to drive out this behaviour.

“We are working with British Transport Police and partners to put ongoing plans in place, but we ask that the community works with us and continue to report incidents using the appropriate channels so we can prioritise where officers are deployed. We take ASB exceptional seriously and understand the impact this has on the community. Officers will be dealing with any incidents robustly and appropriately. Please keep an eye on our social media pages where we post updates about our whereabouts and initiatives.

Officers will be in vehicles and walking the area – if you see them please say hello and pass any information you may have. It’s critical the community works with us, not against us – so we can deal with this effectively. We really want to work with the community and rely on information the community give us.

“We know lockdown has been difficult for everyone but getting in trouble at a young age with the police can have repercussions later in life in terms of getting employment or even travelling abroad”.

“You can sign up to Lancashire Talking and take a survey to help us put officers in the right places, at the right times, to deal with issues that matter most to the community”.

Please visit Lancashire Talking (stayintheknow.co.uk).

To report non-emergency incidents online, please visit Home – Lancashire Constabulary – Report Online. You can also call 101. In an emergency, call 999.

And another source has reported that “on the Friday when school finished, one of the sports clubs reported over 200 school children/students at Winifred Lane with alcohol etc and got the police out.  Social Media/Mobile Phones”

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