Reporting From Our Aughton Bunker

Due to the yobbery and loss of civic control in Town Green we are back in our bunker as we wait for the emergency services to rescue the area from the raiding mobs.

Hope springs eternal as we learn “A MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL WILL BE HELD ON MONDAY, 14 JUNE 2021, AT AUGHTON VILLAGE HALL ANNEXE, COMMENCING AT 7.30pm under strict COVID-19 Public Health Pandemic Guidelines.  Face Masks will be mandatory unless individuals are exempt on medical grounds from wearing them.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION:  Until the Government relaxes social distancing regulations, the following shall apply: A maximum of 10 members of the public (who are Aughton residents) may attend and raise questions at Public Question Time on Agenda Items only.  Priority shall be given to residents who wish to comment on specific agenda items such as Planning Applications being considered by the Parish Council.

A total of 3 County Councillors/Borough Councillors invited to attend.

1 member from the Press.

Invited representatives???

*Could all interested parties please book their place, on a ‘first come, first served basis’ by contacting the Clerk. All applications to attend must be received by 12 noon on Saturday, 12 June 2021.  Residents who attend on the evening without having pre-booked may be refused admission.  Residents may continue to raise comments and questions by e-mail which will be considered at the meeting.  Items of interest include.

6 POLICING OF AUGHTON – to consider, and 7 CCTV: additional infrastructure and improved monitoring – to consider.

We have every expectation that there will be much wringing of hands at the behaviour of young yobs while the shock of the APC having to spend taxes paid by the Aughton public will leave some members apoplectic.

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