Political Poverty In Aughton? Just Ask A Councillor

In the Downholland KIT Newsletter Spring 2018 Cllr O’Toole writes “I have just read an article in the Champion regarding a rise in council tax by the police which ends with the Chief Constable being quoted “We are grateful to the public. This increase in council tax will help ease the pressures of the budget cuts”…what it fails to mention is the fact that Lancashire Constabulary has £46.7 million in RESERVES as of March 2017 an increase of over £26 million compared with March 2011. Hard to believe, well the figures are taken from Lancashire Police website. Why is it necessary to put up council tax if you have over 46 million in the bank?”

We suggested “Perhaps he, as a parish precept payer in Aughton, might ask why it is necessary to charge any precept while the parish council holds so much, £109,239 in the bank plus £309,770 longer term investments and assets”.

“Is it the amount that is crucial, because when the WLBC kicked our pensioners annual £28 travel concessions into touch WLBC had HUGE useable reserves but O’Toole’s buddy Wally Westley made the shameful decision not to budget for the concession to continue?”

Perhaps Cllr O’Toole’s “expert” insight and observations into police reserves in 2018 will enable him to contribute to the debate on Aughton and policing in 2021?

WLBC tells us “Police and Communities Together – known as PACT meetings – give residents the chance to regularly meet with their local Community Beat Manager to discuss policing issues affecting the areas where they live. PACT helps inform people about how they can get in touch with their local Community Beat Manager or Police Community Support Officer. It also provides a way that officers can be tasked by the communities they serve.

“There is at least one public PACT meeting in the first week of every month – more may be arranged for any one month. Anyone can attend a meeting. At the meeting, you can talk to your area’s Community Beat Manager or Police Community Support Officer about any of the issues that are affecting you.

“After the meeting, the PACT panel will meet to decide which tasks the local officer will concentrate on in the forthcoming month”.

Not in Aughton they won’t, because they don’t do PACTs any more. Perhaps they should? Or, dare we mention the CSP?

The “West Lancashire Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is committed to multi-agency problem solving and delivering balanced and comprehensive solutions to tackle crime and disorder”. Really? “Reducing the types of localised anti-social behaviour prevalent in West Lancashire was also prioritised, including anti-social behaviour linked to the bonfire period and Welcome Week”.

Political poverty in Aughton? Been there, seen it!

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