Let’s Look At The Aughton Parish Council Minutes For Any Policies About Hooliganism?

For 12 April 2021 in which the anti-social culture is confirmed, needing “proper presence/policing”.

11332 POLICING OF AUGHTON – a brief report was given on problems with damage and anti-social behaviour around William Arnold Silcock Memorial Playing Field plus youth problems around the Co-op Convenience Store. It was AGREED to contact the Chief Inspector to highlight the need for ‘a visible police presence/proper policing’ in the Parish.

How to assist with it?

11336 PARISH FINANCE: a) CIL Monies/WLBC Capital Partnership Scheme: Project 3 Play areas – to confirm receipt of full amount of partnership funding in the sum of £10,000 from West Lancashire Borough Council.

NOTED b) WLBC: CIL funding direct to Aughton Parish Council – to confirm an amount of £8,480.48 for the period 1 October 2020-31 March 2021 (money to be paid before 30 April 2021) – developments money derived from – 6 Thornhill; 150 Prescot Road; Arnian Court, Molyneux Road. Money to be spent within 5 years of receipt by Parish Council. NOTED.

d) WLBC: CIL funding available for infrastructure projects across the Borough 2022-24 (details previously circulated to members). Discussion took place over the possibility of increasing the number of WLBC CCTV monitored cameras in Aughton. Technical expertise, costings, matchfunding/on-going costs, justification/police support, compliance with ‘infrastructure’ criteria for the use of CIL monies, compliance within timescale (full information/submission/bids to be submitted by 7 May 2021). It was agreed the Clerk would make enquiries with WLBC Community Safety Officer and the Chairman would take the matter up with Aughton’s Borough Ward Councillors.

What was the outcome of the enquiries made by the Clerk and the Chairman? We should be told.

And why does this cash rich Aughton Parish Council need £10,000 from WLBC?

“CIL Total amount of CIL received in financial year (2019/20) and retained (unspent) at the end of the reported year (2019/20) £13,637.

“Total amount of CIL received in previous year(s) and retained (unspent) at the end of the reported year (2019/20) £53,040.

“Total CIL receipts unallocated and unspent £58,560”.

It seems some of the elected members in Aughton come to our two wards on occasional day/half day trips, from Halsall. Might we perhaps do better with residents of the wards, people who live with the problems we face? Absolutely.

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