Not So Poverty Stricken Aughton Parish Council

The Aughton Parish Council financial bullshittery exposed… “what little we do have [2021 £461,541] is already earmarked where we look after, for example, maintaining existing play and sports facilities, local tree cutting, some bin emptying, looking after our memorials and other local amenities”.

Section 2 Cash and Assets “Balances and Reserves and fixed assets” June 2016 Accounts £404,000; June 2017 £418,000; June 2018 £438,000; June 2019 £455,000; June 2020 £470,000. So much for “earmarking what little we do have” over five years?

Precept rose for three consecutive years 2019 £16.29; 2020 £16.79; 2021 £16.99. Net precept in real cash 2021 £60,727. That covers all outgoings.

What a struggle Aughton Parish Council has to survive!

2 thoughts on “Not So Poverty Stricken Aughton Parish Council

  1. aughtonresident

    Your figures are misleading for the year ended March 2020. Fixed Assets and reserves should be split. Fixed Assets are the property ,land and buildings owned by the Parish Council. They total £327,559 . Cash reserves total £119,982 + £14,000 Treasury Stock Less £7630 loan from WLBC. Yearly expenditure to March 2020 was £88,070.
    Aughton has the second lowest precept in West Lancashire and is lower than 5 years ago.
    Local Authority Parish Name 2020-21 Band D council tax (£) (c)

    West Lancashire Hilldale 55.76
    West Lancashire Hesketh with Becconsall 41.69
    West Lancashire Downholland 40.55
    West Lancashire Rufford 39.32
    West Lancashire Burscough 36.03
    West Lancashire Newburgh 35.02
    West Lancashire North Meols 34.91
    West Lancashire Parbold 33.90
    West Lancashire Tarleton 31.19
    West Lancashire Bickerstaffe 30.88
    West Lancashire Lathom South 29.51
    West Lancashire Up Holland 22.11
    West Lancashire Dalton 21.07
    West Lancashire Simonswood 20.31
    West Lancashire Halsall 19.62
    West Lancashire Lathom 17.46
    West Lancashire Scarisbrick 17.21
    West Lancashire Aughton 16.79
    West Lancashire Wrightington 15.82
    West Lancashire Great Altcar 13.75


    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      My figures are entirely and accurately quoted from the APC. I am totally uninterested in any comparisons with other parishes, being irrelevant to the mob problems faced in Town Green. When you have a reasonable response as to the thugs who cause the trouble do let me know?


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