We Own It

Reminds us that back in October 2020 it was “Utterly remarkable to hear Rupert Soames –

Serco’s CEO – on #Peston tonight talking up the so called successes of his company’s track and trace system. It seems that everyone in the country, bar Soames, Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock, can see that Serco has disastrously failed”.

And made a large fortune from it? What a surprise? Today, Rupert Soames, as stated on his twitter is “Interested in people, public policy, the eccentric and absurd, the countryside”.

Not to mention making profits from outsourcing of public services to make shareholders happy. He’s “Proud to be CEO of Serco”.

You thought it was bad for WLBC to work with VAT fraudsters? Remember DCT Leisure Ltd and its leisure services contract for the Beacon Park Golf Course? Went bust financially including VAT fraud? Unknown to WLBC or any auditors? And of course Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd with its director VAT history?

That’s all by the by. “Interested in people?” Some people, but not the Senior (older) golfers at Beacon Park Golf Course? “Public policy?” Public “ownership” of a golf course if there might be profits, but not the municipal owned Beacon Park Golf Course?

The “Eccentric and absurd”? This eccentric mess below is claimed to be a 9hole golf course development 9 years after planning approval? Absurd? Absolutely.

“The countryside?” Set in the Beacon Park. A jewel in the crown of West Lancashire.

So when will Rupert Soames travel to West Lancashire to see for himself just what we complain about? Look at his twitter Rupert Soames (@rsoames)/Twitter and see how invisible, ie non-existent, the West Lancashire golfing leisure services are.

On photographic evidence alone this company shames out-sourcing and its willing partner West Lancashire Borough Council. Did Rupert Soames involve himself personally? Yes he did, in writing. When the evidence was obvious he became stroppy. Was he frit, someone who was not brave enough to come and see it for himself? That’s for him to decide and us to demonstrate what we see, in 2021.

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