Aughton Neighbourhood Police

From Local Neighbourhood Officers

Members of your neighbourhood team are in your area today. Its a great opportunity to come meet us and speak to us if you are experiencing any problems? We’re here to help”.

Reply to Police. “Thanks, could you be outside the Co-op in the evenings to stop the hooligans misbehaving there?”

Rosie Cooper MP isn’t too pleased and has received numerous reports of antisocial behaviour in the vicinity of Town Green train station and the nearby Co-operative store. She has been told by residents that many dozens of youths have been causing havoc in the area on recent evenings, including ripping up plants, throwing stones at windows and even jumping on top of cars. 

Rosie commented “I am appalled at this onslaught of antisocial behaviour.  Local residents believe that some of these young people are coming in their droves from outside West Lancashire via Merseyrail, disembarking at Town Green where this shameful behaviour appears to be centred. 

“Residents have a right to feel safe in their community and I have spoken to the local area Police Chief Inspector for a full update. He assures me that there are increased police patrols and that there will be interventions including with the families of those identified as offenders.  

“I would encourage all residents to contact the police directly to log reports of all such behaviour on either 999, or 101 if there is no pressing emergency”.


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