Producing Homes

reports on councils in Britain that own commercial or retail buildings that have been empty for more than a year and could be converted into 19,500 homes.

The councils also own 24,000 empty homes that could help ease the housing crisis, according to a report by Habitat for Humanity, a housing charity, and M&G investments, published today.

The report’s authors write “With the trend for home working amplified by Covid-19, an estimated 16,000 homes could be created from the conversion of vacant, publicly owned office space across the UK, a number which could increase if local authority-owned business premises which have lain empty for less than 12 months are also taken into account. Empty retail space could be recycled to provide a further 3,500 residential units”.

It’s a fleabite when the UK’s chronic housing shortage is one of the biggest challenges the country faces. The Government is aiming to build 300,000 new homes every year to match demand and keep housing costs affordable. It fails, year on year. Developers are in charge, seeking shovel ready greenbelt land to build on. And that will never change!

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