Champion “Makes Your Blood Boil” Letter Of The Week

From United Utilities “Your Bill”

“We think it’s a good thing to know exactly what you pay for in life and your water bill is no exception. In this section we’ve included an explanation of your bill, the services you pay for and the different ways you can pay your bill.

The services you pay for. In simple terms, we charge you for the following services: Supplying drinking water to your home; Taking away all your dirty water; Taking Away rainwater.

This is a fixed annual charge for the collection and treatment of all the rainwater that falls on your home and the public highway. This is shown on your bill as ‘surface water/highway drainage’. If your home is not connected to a public sewer to drain away your rainwater (for example, all your surface water drains to a soakaway instead) then you can claim a reduction in your bill.

Pigs In Public Troughs For Some Services They Don’t Perform

Of interest. The Norges Bank Oslo, Norway, holds 681,888,418 UU voting rights shares @ 925.12p per share.

1st April 2021, Steve Mogford UU Chief Executive Officer, sale of UU shares 36,848 @ 925.12p = £340,888.22.

Advice to Mr Pratt? Buy some UU shares, attend the next AGM and ask the Directors why West Lancashire residents pay for flooded highway drainage not taken away as specified. Criminal deception? Probably.

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