It’s A Disgrace!

There’s a thought or two that West Lancashire might be better off out of the Lancashire county conglomeration? But who else is there to sign up to?

Today we pay tribute to Southport QLocal journalist Martin Hovden, below, who writes to expose the poor value of Southport’s councillors. [His own picture]

He wrote  “The other day I spotted a Facebook post about Kew Conservative activist Laura Nuttall, who with the help of her Birkdale counterpart Lee Durkin, rolled up her sleeves and collected rubbish from the Kew roundabout and its surrounding roads.

A political ploy, no doubt (in fact it’s exactly what the Liberal Democrats used to do shortly before the local council elections), but at least they were doing something for our town, and they did it all on a voluntary basis.

“And then I thought of Southport’s 21 elected councillors, of all three main political parties. We pay them each £10,000 a year for what is in effect a part-time job…in fact it’s far less demanding than that.

“Erm…have I missed something, but what do they actually do for our town? Labour seem quite happy to leave all the hard work to Councillor Greg Myers, while local Tory councillors recently really put themselves out by visiting the soon-to-be-opened new Southport Market to have their picture taken at the entrance (no doubt to appear in a future election leaflet). My god, smile at the camera and you get £10,000. Nice work if you can get it. As for the Liberal Democrats, as a spent force I’ve absolutely no idea what they do.

“Southport residents are being ripped off by 21 people who are quite happy to have the title councillor, claim their £10,000 allowance but don’t actually do anything for their community – apart from attending the occasional zoom meeting. Yeah, that’s really stressful.

“It’s a disgrace!
Wake up Southport and demand more from your local councillor – assuming you know who they are… which I doubt”.

So it’s a no to us combining with Southport then? Agreed?

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