Lancashire County Council aka Lancashire Cash Club

Hullo, it’s me again, on this Bank Holiday, with the emphasis on “bank”. My bank account has been boosted with these Lancashire County bonuses after my election. You know how profligate the LCC, also known as the Lancashire Cash Club, is for its members who are the Lancashire Councillors Club?

Well, the Wally retirement pension bank is awash with Lancashire cash paid by people who think their council tax is for public services, like roads, drainage, care for those in need. As if!

My modest new stipends include the basic £10,969 + £7,830 as Chair of Health Scrutiny. And being a person of importance to West Lancashire Borough Council as the Leader of the Conservative Group I received another £8,231 into my bank.

“On a more moderate scale Mrs Wally, now climbing up the West Lancashire Bankers Club, has just been awarded another bonus as the Deputy Mayor and receives £4,842 + £1,780. But every little helps.

“That’s all for today, and I hope you enjoy the pictorial, below, that sums up the life of an elected councillor.

Cheers, Wally”.

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