The Serco Institute

Is a “Global think tank developing the next generation of public service solutions for citizens”? The Serco Institute thinks it is!

Which might not be good news because Serco Leisure Operating Ltd has ruined the public service solutions it chose, with WLBC and Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd, for our Beacon Park golfers.

Its public service solution for the Beacon Park Golf Course was landfill, dumped on a practice field to “create” a new 9hole junior course, and dumped on the driving range to “create”, eventually, a foot golf course. Its completed service solutions for the Beacon Park Golf Course are still awaited. There is no end in sight.

Serco describes its expertise as “The Thoughts That Count” and “Public Service Policy and Design”. And they advocate “Citizens’ Assemblies”. Really, that’s what Serco publishes. And West Lancashire Borough Council was suckered by it all a long time ago.

Turning its attention to railways, Serco claims those that use the railways should choose how they are run. Passenger satisfaction scores must have a bigger role in any new model. Does Serco mean to use “Citizens’ Assemblies” to replace the “Peoples Panel Surveys” as used by WLBC in 2004? We hope so but hold out little chance of it!

Does the Serco Institute advise Serco Leisure Operating Ltd about golf courses? Just asking!

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