Political Rewards Paid By Council Tax

Today we reveal the full costs paid by individual council taxpayers that benefit individual party politicians sitting in the county council, Lancashire, that many of us only know about because we have rotten services from it.

Who in West Lancashire can recall any meaningful activity or reporting directly to us by LCC councillors for West Lancashire divisions?

As was recently commented “Same old, same old. Until we get some real change at LCC they will continue to largely ignore our area – that’s if they can find it on a map”. Alas, we, West Lancashire, sent “the same old same old” into their highly paid comfort zones, the Chairs, the Lead memberships, the political Whips, you name them, they are there and highly paid on top of their basic allowances of £10,969.

Who are they? D O’Toole Whip and Chair. D Westley Chair. E Pope Chair. R Bailey Lead member. See them on the lists. See the extra pay, referred to as Schedule B Special Responsibility Allowances.

How do you feel about Westley, £10,969 +£7,830; O’Toole £10,969 + £7,830 + £4,699? What takes priority, their county or their borough duties, for which they are also paid by us?

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