Are You A Student Of Speech?

The BBC takes it very seriously

Sasha Johnson: Police investigation reveal who shoot Black lives matter activist Sasha Johnson in UK – BBC News Pidgin

Met police don reveal say na one group of four black men shoot prominent Black Lives Matter activist for one party for south London. Sasha Johnson dey critically ill for hospital afta dem shoot her for head for one property for Peckham on Sunday.

Met Commander Alison Heydari say di men bin “enter di garden of di property and discharge a firearm”.

Ms Johnson party say she bin previously receive death threats but police say “nothing to suggest” say na “targeted attack”. Cdr Heydari add say detectives “no dey aware of any reports of threats wey dem make against her before dis incident”.

Ms Johnson, 27, dey life-threatening condition afta di shooting for di property for Consort Road at about 03:00 BST. On Monday Ms Johnson party, The Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP), say she don undergo one operation and she still dey critical care.

Cdr Heydari say di men wey shoot her bin “wear dark coloured clothing” and dem don comot before officers arrive for di scene. She add say police dey “make good progress” for dia investigation but dem go need di public help “to identify di pesin – or pipo – responsible”.

Ms Johnson, wey dey work for community activism and community support and get a first in social care from Ruskin College in Oxford, don be leading figure for di Black Lives Matter movement for di UK and she be member of di TTIP’ leadership committee.

For one statement on Monday evening, di TTIP question how police fit conclude say no be targeted attacked “without being able to speak wit Sasha about di death threats”. However Charles Gordon, one of TTIP founding members, add “I go like to say we need to stay cautious and aware – di truth be say we no know wetin happun here”.

Imarn Ayton, one friend of Ms Johnson, previously tell BBC say she understand “di incident dey more related to rival gangs as opposed to her activism”. On Monday afternoon dem hold vigil for Ruskin Park, close to King College Hospital, wia dem dey treat Ms Johnson. During di event well-wishers play African drums and pray for di 27-year-old to pull through.

Just down the road, we have “Scouse sayings – Go ‘ed, is right, nice one, boss, well in, sound, belter, made up. Usage: ‘Go ‘ed, lad, get us an ale in, nice one.

Scouse saying – devoed, bitter, gutted, eeeeeeeee! Usage: ‘Lost a tenner down the alehouse, proper devoed, lad.’

Man – An adult male human  Scouse saying – Lad, la, lid, sconner, fella, kidda, auld fella, our kid, mate, arlarse (not to be confused with arlarse – meaning out of order). Usage: ‘Alright, lad, you goin the game (football) later, with your auld fella?

Woman – An adult female human Scouse saying: bird, queen, me ma’, mam, me nan, me gran. Usage: ‘I’m taking me bird out later for some scran.

Beer – A fermented alcoholic beverage brewed from malt and flavored with hops. Scouse saying: ale, bevvie, a few scoops, jar. Usage: ‘Get the ale in lad, I’m dying for a bevvie.’

 Impoverished – poverty-stricken, without money Scouse saying: skint, brassic. Usage: ‘Staying in mate, devoed, I’m proper skint.’

Guardian Letter in 2017

“With Edge Hill being the last station before Liverpool Lime Street, the definition of the term “getting off at Edge Hill” is…Well, we will let you work that out for yourself. It could lead to disappointment”.

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