Borough Assets Of “Best Value”?

Council: 27th April 2005. SUBJECT: Beacon Park Golf Course – Future Management

Report of: Deputy Chief Executive and Relevant Portfolio Holder Councillor David Westley

“The Deputy Chief Executive, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Community Services, D Westley, be authorised to negotiate and conclude a further management agreement and grant of a lease (subject to all necessary consents being obtained) with DCT Leisure of the land and premises at Beacon Park for a period of 5 years, with a further 2 options to renew the arrangements for a further 5 year period.

“Prior to DCT taking over in 2000 the Council regularly received complaints about the condition of the golf course and centre, these complaints have subsequently reduced considerably. This improvement is reflected in a Peoples Panel survey taken in 2004, which shows that 71% of users were satisfied with the course and 68% very satisfied with the centre facilities. The same survey showed that no respondents were very dissatisfied with either of these areas”.

It could have been 20 years of DCT. But it was a corrupt company, avoiding VAT obligations. Dissolved, mired in debt. Contract eventually awarded to Serco Leisure Operating Ltd. Could we re-convene the “Peoples Panel” of 2004 and ask them the same questions in 2021? After many years of Serco/WLBC development?

These are scenes at the Beacon Park Golf Course today. Best value? Any value? No value?

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