The Origins Of Some Perceived Corruption In WLBC?

Prior to 2013, when the Beacon Park Golf Course was unadulterated by landfill but it was planned for, it was reasonable that WLBC elected members could, to paraphrase a momentous historic claim “We have neither eyes to see, nor tongue to speak, in this West Lancashire Borough Council, but as officers are pleased to direct us, we are unaware of and will ignore corruption”.

Until corruption actually occurred, via the Golf Course landfill royalty scandal. A corrupt company was involved, had obtained planning permission before and after, no diligence was apparent, even though the WLBC Constitution required it.

“Employees who engage or supervise contractors or have any other official relationship with contractors and who have previously had or currently have a relationship in a private or domestic capacity with contractors, should declare that relationship”.

“The procedures by which the Council selects developers or consultants for schemes and for the supply of goods are clearly defined in the Council’s Contract Procedure Rules and Financial Regulations at Constitution 11.1 and are publicly known”. From Liverpool

The company involved, Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd and its historic precedent companies, was known to be operating in Liverpool and Knowsley and ultimately officers were deemed to be incompetent and even corrupt. And it was ignored in, and by, West Lancashire Borough Council.  We merely surmise why. And continue to provide pictorial evidence of the state of its incompetence, eight years after the offence.    

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