How To Increase Your Retirement Income?

Simple. Be elected in a safe seat to the appalling Lancashire County Council, that’s all it takes. In 2020/21 the County takes £1,400.32 of our Band D tax. That’s+ 3.99%. It’s almost seven times the tax we pay for WLBC services, including being flooded by neglect! It’s a rip-off. But some of us take up the benefits of the LCC. They become LCC councillors. As did “retired” resident of Halsall Wally Westley.  The largesse is enormous. 

An annual Basic Allowance of £10,969 is payable to each Councillor. An annual Allowance of £16,447 is payable to the Chairman of the County Council and the Vice-Chairman shall receive an annual allowance of £8,224. The Leader receives £31,322, the Deputy Leader £21,925. Cabinet Members 6@ £17,227. Committee Chairs £7,830. Majority Group Whip £4,699. Largest Opposition Group Leader £17,227. And many more at much cost, for old “Uncle Tom Cobley and all”!

Choo-choo, the gravy train is due…climb aboard…Wally did! Oh, and it is added to his various WLBC stipends too.

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