When The Halsall Based Tory Aughton Park Mafia Met In Town Green

They are seldom seen in Aughton. They just get elected here, and then become invisible. That’s what “Wallys” do. But the Town Green public spotted them on their election photoshoot!

Public Comments “Why has it taken you this long to even turn up to this – oh yes of course its polling day, whoops”.

And “Well done for turning up out side of the local “hotspot” for antisocial behavior, However you turned up -During the day (14:48 hours) -When the kids are at school. On Election day. Next time, try doing it properly by turning up on the weekend, in the evening when the kids are all there and talk to them about why they are hang round the CooP, instead of posing for a staged Photo-op trying to make it look like you actually care about the local area”.

As for the pavement, what do you think about the gorgeous patchwork asphalt repairs provided on a regular basis by the Tory LCC? There’s a Tory LCC member living in that road…must feel really proud? A day earlier and the pavement potholes would have been an embarrassment to them.

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