Who Cares About The West Lancashire Elderly And Disabled Residents?

The new WLBC Council Structure Chart May 2021 Revised Labour Appendix

Entirely disregards our elderly and disabled residents. No working groups, no committees, we are simply ignored.

West Lancashire has a diverse population in terms of age with some communities having a markedly older population (Aughton, Parbold/Newburgh, Tarleton). The borough is also home to Edge Hill University which has a Joint Borough Council Forum. Students matter more to WLBC than elderly and disabled people who live here.

The population of Ormskirk as a whole is older than the national average. The population of Ormskirk is also older than the Lancashire average, making Ormskirk specifically an older persons’ location.

The 2011 census showed West Lancashire has a generally ageing population – a 23% rise in those over 65 in a ten year period.

More than 20% of the population of West Lancashire consider that their day-to-day activities are limited by health which is significantly higher than the national average. Almost 12,000 residents have a hearing impairment and just short of 2,000 adults have a visual impairment.  More than 2,000 resident adults have a learning disability. 12% of the population (12,682) are found to have a common mental health disorder including depression and anxiety.

It has been well documented over recent years that people are living longer and that the older age-groups will record some dramatic increases over future years, with associated financial implications and demand for health and social care services. By 2041, the population aged 65 or over in West Lancashire is projected to increase to 32,940. 

Who cares? To their eternal shame, no political party/group in West Lancashire thinks about us. Perhaps we should cancel or reduce our council tax payments as a protest?

And even worse, look at the elected members and spot the elderly among them!

Your Councillors – West Lancashire Borough Council (westlancs.gov.uk)

Allowances boosting their pensions? Do they care? They did when they wanted your vote!

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