Ask Alexa More Questions

“Alexa, what are the basic allowances paid to elected councillors in West Lancashire, and the extras for special responsibility?”

“All members receive £4,842. And then there are extras…Civic Dignitaries such as the Mayor, receives + £9,000, and the Deputy Mayor, receives + £1,780. The Leader receives + £12,105, the Deputy Leader receives + £7,263. Cabinet members + £4,842, Opposition Group Leader + £3,389, Opposition Group Deputy Leader + £1,694. Chairman of planning + £4,842. Chairs of all other committees + £2,421”.

“The total paid in 2019/2020 was £ 337,553.67 including expenses”.

“Alexa, was there any fresh commitment from any West Lancashire elected members to reduce the number of elected members, as mentioned so often, which would reduce the burden on taxpayers from that huge amount they cost us?”

“Sorry, I don’t respond to jokes that I don’t understand. You could rephrase your question such as ”Do turkeys vote for Christmas”?. But the answer would be no”.

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