Another WLBC Committee Totally Blanks The Public

Secret Society Committee details. Flooding & Drainage Cabinet Working Group.

This page lists the meetings for Flooding & Drainage Cabinet Working Group. No Flooding & Drainage Cabinet Working Group meetings are available for browsing.

Information about Flooding & Drainage Cabinet Working Group…

Membership – See Appendix at Section 4.1A.


(a)     To consider how a wider, more co-ordinated approach to managing flooding and drainage across the whole Borough could be achieved.

(b)     To liaise with the Environment Agency, Lancashire County Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority, United Utilities, neighbouring Local Authorities, and any other relevant bodies on the issue of flooding and drainage.

(c)     To investigate any opportunities for relevant funding from appropriate bodies.

(d)     To give consideration to all the issues and options associated with the establishment of an internal drainage board.

(e)     To report back to the relevant Portfolio Holder and Cabinet and, where appropriate, future meetings of Full Council with its findings and recommendations.

Who knows if and when the new creation, the hung council, will actual serve the public and stop this blanking?

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