There Is Contempt And There Is Arrogance

And the two are never far apart in Halsall. It didn’t take long for the contempt against West Lancashire and the National Planning Policy Framework requirements to slap the arrogant local Tory party and reveal its “checking of suitability” of candidates for elected office?

It’s been revealed that the new elected Tory member for Halsall D Hirrell is now a member of the WLBC Planning Committee!

The contempt? As we wrote a few days ago, an application “WLBC Planning case 2015/0722/OUT received 10 July 2015 and REFUSED 1 December 2015” by applicant D Hirrell.

There was the scathing “Justification for refusal” by John Harrison “Despite the requirements of Paras 186-195 of the National Planning Policy Framework it has not been possible to reach a positive agreed solution through the Council’s adopted and published procedures, which advise that pre-application advice should be sought prior to the submission of an application. This application was submitted without the applicant/agent having entered into meaningful pre-application discussions in relation to the planning policies and material considerations that apply to the proposal and the development shows insufficient regard to the policy requirements as detailed in the reasons above”.

We repeat, the applicant, now the face of Tory Halsall, was D Hirrell.

What planning credibility accrues to such a defiance and disregard of the legitimacy of democratic considerations submitted and decided by law? Should make for interesting comments at the Planning Committee like “I was personally predisposed to ignore WLBC published planning procedures and therefore I am unable to take part in deciding this application”?

Contrary to policy! Loss of openness of the Green Belt! Conflict! Encroachment! Inappropriateness! Quite a record?

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