Rosie Reports Part 3

Heavy Goods Vehicles in Halsall

Remember the story of Halsall and “The Road Monster Racers” we published in December 2020?

About a “rat run” by HGV class vehicles through Moss Road during the day and night something that has been constantly highlighted by Halsall Parish Council and the Moss Rd residents group for a long time now requesting action to be taken by Lancashire Police and Lancashire County Council Highways Department to no avail, however we are seriously concerned that soon it will be the loss of human life rather than the loss of another vehicle unless pro-active action by all authorities concerned is conducted, now!”

Now, Rosie has a committed policy of working with Lancashire and Sefton highways on behalf of Halsall.

“I receive a lot of messages from constituents in Halsall regarding the constant imposition of HGVs travelling to and from the Barratt Homes development in Southport. West Lancashire has been impacted by this because of road closures in Southport which has diverted a large volume of traffic headed for the development into Halsall. 

“I am in constant contact with the Sefton and Lancashire highways authorities, as well as the police and Barratt Homes, about how we can work together to ensure that HGVs follow the agreed route along Birkdale Cop, and that disruption to residents is kept to an absolute minimum for the duration of this work”.

Wasn’t Tory Cllr O’Toole recently re-elected to represent West Lancashire West which includes Halsall? Surely he’s the expert on all things highways in Halsall, or am I misinformed? Probably!

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