Rosie Reports Part 1

Have you been on a WLBC “customer journey” with Wates Living Space?

Rosie Cooper has given reports about her activities on behalf of constituents, tax payers. One report in particular, is worrying. It seems that WLBC Housing is not up to the job. Nor, apparently, is its outsourced provider, Wates Living Space, appointed in March 2020.

WLBC announced “New Repairs and Voids Provider”. Wates Living Space is our new contractor who is delivering the responsive maintenance to all of our Council homes in West Lancashire including work to refurbish void properties in the Borough. How is this different to before?

“Our new contract enables us to transform the customer journey by having shorter appointment slots, which are booked at first contact and we aim to complete repairs in the first instance. 

“Customers can expect appointed repairs to be completed within a maximum of 20 working days but on average to be completed within 10 working days and will receive text confirmation and reminders of these appointments.

“Not only do Wates Living Space providing a better service to our tenants, but they are also investing in West Lancashire as a whole by providing training and development opportunities to our customers and other local residents”.

But Rosie says “I am dismayed at the number of contacts I have received recently about the service provided by the Borough Council’s housing department and their contractor, Wates. The stories of leaks, mould, botched repairs and long delays to renovations and modifications fall far below the service residents deserve.

“I have raised this many times with the housing department and subsequently with the Chief Executive of the Council, Jacqui Sinnott Lacey and I have received assurances that the work of this contractor is being firmly monitored. Residents deserve better from the council and I encourage anyone to contact my office if they are receiving unsatisfactory service from the housing department or Wates”.

It seems assurances from WLBC Housing are worthless. Why should it be so bad that some tenants have to ask Rosie Cooper to intervene? She “has raised this many times”. Just what IS the problem, apart from outsourcing?

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