Rosie Reports Final Part

Protectionist Local Labour Authorities Have No Sympathy For Labour West Lancashire. Rosie turns on lousy Labour neighbours.

West Lancashire College are refused funding from Liverpool and Greater Manchester. 

It is really frustrating to hear that both Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester Combined Authority have been refusing funding for their residents looking to study in West Lancashire. This is because the devolved Adult Education Budget allows them to make funding choices such as only contracting with Colleges within their boundary.

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This is clearly a protectionist strategy by these authorities, and only serves to limit the choices available to their residents and drive education away from the boundaries”.

Reduction To Manchester Line Rail Services

Manchester Recovery Task Force Public Consultation. “The Department for Transport has denied claims its plans to scrap a key rail link between Southport and Manchester have been called “undeliverable” by its own consultants. All three options put forward for consultation in February included scrapping the direct link between Southport and Manchester Piccadilly”.

“It was a stacked deck against Southport from the start and both Sefton Council and the Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram have already thoroughly rejected it. Of course, it does beg the question of how such a huge public consultation could present undeliverable options in the first place?”.

Rosie said “It was very concerning to hear the details of the Manchester Recovery Task Force plans to reorganise rail routes to and from Manchester. West Lancashire residents and campaigners informed me that all the options on offer would reduce connectivity from Southport to Manchester, with an obvious impact on West Lancashire, where an hourly service passes through Burscough Bridge. 

“Yet again, rural areas like West Lancashire are being forgotten and ignored! At Transport Questions in Parliament, I challenged the Secretary of State to intervene to ensure we are not just treated like the poor relations of the larger northern cities. The Transport Secretary responded positively, saying that the rail minister would be happy to meet with me to discuss this further”.

“It is quite clear that the task force’s proposals are heavily biased toward the metropolitan communities in and around Manchester, leaving our constituents in Southport and West Lancashire respectively without a direct rail service”.

Actually, what all this does tell us yet again is we waste our time and money being part of the Tory Lancashire County Council. The West Lancashire county councillors cost us enormous amounts in allowances and expenses, for what?

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