What Happened To Ashurst?

Belief in someone who said “If elected as a councillor, I promise to always listen to Ashurst residents, to properly represent them at council meetings and to adhere to the seven principles of public life, always”.

And what was said about him? Just a few of many testimonials to James Upjohn, below.

“If you live in Ashurst, it’s a no-brainier!! Vote for someone who cares about your Community!! James has already done so much for the whole of Skelmersdale – not just Ashurst!! If you loved the Christmas Cars – this was James!! Let’s get some Independent Councillors looking after our families! X Chair of Governors Lathom High School.

“If you live in Ashurst then there is no better ambassador to have. A man who is passionate and fiercely proud of his local community and who wants to see it thrive and be the best that it can be. I have never met a man more committed, or more passionate about our town and though I don’t live in Ashurst I am very pleased that James is standing as Independent Councillor. He is the type of Councillor that every ward in Skelmersdale deserves to have. Director, E Rooms, Skelmersdale

“Three years ago Ashurst became the luckiest ward in Skelmersdale – why, because James Upjohn moved from Upholland to Ashurst and the residents have not looked back. He has done so much for us, from getting people involved in litter picking including the children. He did this by visiting schools talking to the staff and pupils to get them organised at weekends. That was just the start. Ashurst Skelmersdale Resident.

“Well, if you’re unsure about who to vote for, then I would suggest you look at the testimonials and go round Ashurst to ask about James. You need to consider that he had no axe to grind and no party allegiances to stick to. Why does James do what he does? Quite simply he cares about his community, our area and all the residents without trying to point score. Community, being respectful and creating cohesion not division are main messages here. Ashurst Resident”.

Doesn’t the story of Ashurst and and independent councillor James Upjohn make you weep in Aughton, and working through the political alphabet all the way to Wrightington, for someone like him?

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