Wally Westley Writes About Humility

“Hullo, it’s me again. I want to talk about humility. I had to look it up and I found it as “Noun-the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance”.

“It is the quality of being humble and means putting the needs of another person before your own, and thinking of others before yourself. It also means not drawing attention to yourself, and it can mean acknowledging that you are not always right”.

Well, that’s not me is it? I just get everything right. Well, almost. I realised, because someone said so, that I have lost councillors under my awesome leadership. It’s not my fault they weren’t up to it!

But “Conservatives are languishing” and “They’ve lost a quarter of their councillors under their current Leader, me, in the past 7 years” is a bit naughty from those OWLs! What have they got to brag about?

“I must think about it, and how to get even with them soon.

“Well, that’s all for now.

Cheerio, Wally

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