The West Lancashire Apathy Party

Has been seen on a West Lancashire Political Councillor Facebook page

Cheryl Forshaw “Really disappointed to have had absolutely nothing from any of the candidates”.

Lynda Gilmore Bentley “Cheryl Forshaw, indeed. In the end I decided that, given there was one party that I will never vote for, that no-one wants to represent me, and no-one wants my vote so no-one got it. I wrote ‘none’ across my ballot paper. I never imagined that I would ever do that, but here we are. I did vote in the parish council elections though! For obvious reasons”.

Cheryl Forshaw “Lynda Gilmore Bentley “it’s a sad day for democracy when the candidates can’t even be bothered to let us know what they stand for!”

Lynda Gilmore “Bentley Cheryl, we even tried emailing and messaging local parties to get some info but to no avail. Too late now, I’ve been and voted for none of them”.

Amen to that. Perhaps things might be different next year?

You’ll be lucky!

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