Feud For Thought?

Cast your minds back to April 2020. “I agree with David” was Labour music to Tory ears. It was the sordid agreement that kept two absent councillors, 1 Tory and 1 Labour, in post to carry on receiving council tax, public money, £403 a month, in a stitch up. And they were never missed!

Now, we have no council overall control. And as sure as night follows day there will be a stitch-up. It’s politics, the “sod the public” politics. Not that we had a massive turnout of voters. WLBC states “Turnout n/a” as though it’s a “so what” statistic. But individual seat statistics were generally low.

From Ian Moran Labour “We look forward to realistic and serious suggestions and ideas from everyone”.

From Wally Westley Tory “It’s difficult because although [OWL] is a party, there’s a lot of diverse views within there”.

From Adrian Owens OWL “The results showed that the public did not trust either party to run the council alone”.

We might suspect a different response from Labour, more a case of “Sod off David” but who knows? Other than this may well become the “Rotten Borough” and a candidate for featuring in Private Eye and one of its headlines “Feud for Thought”?

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