James Upjohn Claimed 60% Of The Vote

to win a seat representing Ashurst. The community campaigner has vowed to give residents their voice after becoming his town’s first independent councillor at last week’s local election.

LancsLive has the story that “James claimed 60% of the vote to win a seat representing Ashurst on West Lancashire Borough Council after spending eight weeks talking with residents. He is now Skelmersdale’s only independent councillor and the town’s first non-Labour representative in decades”.

Cllr Upjohn says his election triumph came as a result of doing positive work in the community, speaking with residents and promoting a positive message about loving and improving the town. Issues such a fly-tipping and nuisance scrambler bike riding are likely to be on his agenda along with a focus to make the most of what is available in Skelmersdale, notably its beautiful surroundings.

After breaking Labour’s dominance in the town on the same night it lost overall control of the borough, he said he stood as an independent to give himself more freedom to act as he believed to be best but said he hopes to have positive relationships with his fellow councillors in the town and wider borough.

He said “As an independent, I’m prepared to work with anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re red, blue, green, yellow, orange or pink, with purple spots, if you love Skem, I’ll work with you”.

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