Council Business 19th May 2021


3.1 At its Annual Meeting, the Council is under an obligation, under Section 15(1) of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, to review the representation of the Political Groups on Committees and Sub-Committees. Under the Act, the numbers of seats on ordinary Committees have to be aggregated and allocated to the proportion that each political group bears to the total members of the Council, in so far as reasonably practicable. The current elected membership of the Council is 54. The Labour Group has 26 members – 48.15% of the total membership, the Conservative Group has 20 members – 37.04% of the total membership, ‘Our West Lancashire’ has 7 members (12.96%) of the total membership and 1 Independent member (1.85%) of the total membership, which does not constitute a Political Group.

3.2 Of the seats available in Committees, these will be allocated to the Labour Group, the Conservative Group and Our West Lancashire, in line with the above. The allocation of remaining seats not allocated to any Political Group will fall to be made by the Council in its discretion. The regulations provide that the Council must only appoint from Members who belong to no Political Group. The remaining seats must therefore be allocated to the Independent Member who does not belong to a Political Group.

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