A Halsall Mix Of Politics And Irrational Accusations

We often quote the “Westley Lies” about Aughton residents because it was a brilliant Champion news story. And slur? It defined, set the tone for Westley. He didn’t defend it, how could he when a hall full of residents for the Aughton Parish meeting heard it?

WLBC archive minutes confirm Westley was instrumental in outsourcing, ie selling off, the Borough leisure services to Serco. Can it get any worse than that? Well, yes, it can. His cage was recently rattled again, and histrionics and irrationality appeared in spades!

From QLocal. The borough [Conservative] party leader [Westley] told QLocal this afternoon “I was delighted with the outcome of what was a hard fought campaign. Not only did we make two strategically important gains but we were also successful in getting four new candidates elected in existing Conservative wards.

“And Denise Hirrell was an excellent local candidate who cares passionately about her community and its environment. Well known locally, Denise fought off the usual negative campaign from an independent and successfully gained the seat from Labour with a very good majority”.

There must be evidence for this claim of “caring passionately about her community and its environment”? She cared enough to apply to become a property developer right in the middle of it.

Perhaps it comes, above, in the WLBC Planning case 2015/0722/OUT received 10 July 2015 and REFUSED 1 December 2015. There was a scathing “Justification for refusal” by John Harrison “Despite the requirements of Paras 186-195 of the National Planning Policy Framework it has not been possible to reach a positive agreed solution through the Council’s adopted and published procedures, which advise that pre-application advice should be sought prior to the submission of an application. This application was submitted without the applicant/agent having entered into meaningful pre-application discussions in relation to the planning policies and material considerations that apply to the proposal and the development shows insufficient regard to the policy requirements as detailed in the reasons above”.

“No meaningful pre-application discussions” and “insufficient regard to the policy requirements”. And that record might well be thrown back in the Tory faces in the Council Chamber in due course.

And the “usual negative campaign from an independent”? The Independent candidate simply proved his record of seven years service to his Halsall parish and community. But the political party machines invariably turn the public into believing the expensive glossy bullshit. If that gets up the Westley nostrils it’s because it is true, at least of his local party.

From the elected Tory.

1 thought on “A Halsall Mix Of Politics And Irrational Accusations

  1. Neil Campbell

    Being called an “unusual independent campaigner” is quite a badge of honour in my books, perhaps Mr Westley doesn’t like the publication of negatives or “truths” as many of us deem them as!
    I’m sorry but I didn’t know there was a candidate campaign “rule book” that I had to stick to, perhaps that’s the joy of being an independent rather than being stuck in an old style political rut.
    Mr Westley should reflect on why the “independent” movement in local politics has such momentum and votes in these troubled times instead of making jibes, with no campaigning, leaflets or assistance, I received 20% of the votes in Halsall!
    My election costs were £11.99 in total and this will be declared in my submitted Candidate Return of Expenses form, would Mr Westley like to disclose how much his party spent?
    I stood as an independent knowing there was only a small chance of victory and accept the outcome with no grudge or remorse and wish our newly elected councillor the very best of wishes in her new role, however by standing I have the moral position where I can highlight the failings of local government and hold them to account and as the leader of the party you should welcome this and you should remedy accordingly.
    The major issue for West Lancashire for the next 4 years is that with no overall control by one party, the excuse that West Lancashire will fall backwards is a fallacy, all party leaders must now work together for once, leaving aside their political views and be proactive in championing our county.
    I have no problem calling out any party or council, whether it’s at Borough or County level when promises of investment and improvements have been taken away, I have even offered an olive branch to work with our County Councillor to gain the much needed drainage upgrades to prevent further flooding and awaiting a reply.
    Now that Mr Westley is back at County Hall, perhaps he may choose to support this project to which the capital investment funding has been mysteriously withdrawn, why not do something positive and get it reinstated.
    Conservatives who state they are passionate about protecting the environment yet happily applies for permission to build luxury houses on greenbelt land has a rather large “whiff” of hypocrisy and definitely displays double standards.
    The past has a funny way of catching up and catching out people, after the embarrassment has passed, is the new Borough Councillor willing to work and support residents helping to prevent further unwanted development in Halsall?
    We will watch with great interest when the new planning committee is announced soon and it will be quite interesting to see whether our newly appointed councillor becomes a committee member will and whether they are prepared to speak up for Halsall in regards to planning matters or will the whipping boys display their power over the newbies!

    Neil Campbell
    Unusual but Indepednent Candidate for Halsall


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