Returning To Mundane Matters In West Blankershire

After the frantic desire of some local political parties to achieve the consent of circa 25% of the generally uninterested public to ruin, whoops, run the borough, we return to more mundane matters.

One of which is, naturally, the land-filled and royalty corrupted Beacon Park Golf Course. This official statement, below, appears in the West Lancashire Borough Council Leisure Strategy 2015-2025.

“There are five golf clubs in West Lancashire; with the exception of Beacon Park they are all privately owned. Sport England recommends a 20 minutes drive time catchment for golf courses, on this basis the current supply in West Lancashire is sufficient for residents. The Borough is also bordered by several top class courses. West Lancashire Community Leisure has recently closed its driving range at Beacon Park due to a lack of demand/income but has plans to develop the leisure offer at the site and these include a new 9 hole par 3 course and junior facilities.

“The golf course at Beacon Park is available for members and non members offering pay and play rates, together with competitions and club tournament events. The Course is to a Donald Steel layout and provides good competition play with enough character and features for a variety of playing ability. The inclusion of a new 9 hole par 3 course will provide additional facilities for both senior and junior development of the game”.  

What has happened is well known. The “recently closed due to a lack of income/demand driving range” lies ruined by landfill and as we write, derelict. The “new 9hole par 3 course that will provide additional facilities for both senior and junior development of the game” also lies ruined by landfill after some six years of control by Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd/Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, and the willing consent of WLBC Leisure Services and Planning Services.

And, sadly, we have just lived the election lies that it’s a “Labour facility worked on and achieved”.

Just once, might the newly elected councillors for Ashurst ward, and some long in the tooth councillors too, visit the Beacon Park Golf Course and give a truthful opinion of what HAS been “achieved” there?

OK, it’s only a leisure facility mostly enjoyed in the past by senior, elderly, golfers. We realise they are a minority. Blanked out. But surely discrimination against them by ruination of their chosen leisure activity is illegal? Why is Labour nurturing this policy? Or perhaps it might be continued by an incoming Tory group depending on the no voting of the “apathy” party? No wonder many of us now think of being in West Blankershire!

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