Great Expectations? Not At All!

We remind readers that WLBC former Director of Leisure and Cultural Services John Nelson stated in writing

“Contractors started on site in November 2013. Phase 3 of the development (formation of a 9 hole short course) has commenced with mounding and ridges being formed with inert infill and soil It is expected that the infill and profiling work will be completed by Sept 2015”.

In ten days there will be another momentous day in the long slide into death of the Beacon Park Golf Course. It will be the third anniversary of the 2018 order for compliance by Serco of Breach of Condition Notice at the course. Since regularised by WLBC planners so there needn’t be compliance?

WLBC clearly enjoys a serial illegal planning matter. It’s what it does best. Disrespect for the then Borough Solicitor, disrespect for council tax payers and residents. And wasn’t it the Labour Digmoor Cllr Finch who was elected in May 2019, and spoke about “seeing mounds of earth” at the Beacon Park Golf Course?

They are still there, Cllr Finch! It’s a Labour party leisure facility “Worked on and achieved” apparently?

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