Re Ashurst, Comment From History And Politics Gazette About Digmoor

“Over three years ago, the Labour-run council in West Lancashire facilitated the construction of the Spencers Mews housing estate within the Digmoor council ward.

“Three years on, this ghost estate remains unfinished, the developer has gone bankrupt and those homes have never been lived in. Worse still, the Labour group running the council has been secretly trying to sell off adjoining land on Spencers Lane.

“How much of this land they are trying to sell we do not know, as the Labour Leader of the Council and his cabal will not publicly disclose this information, but the residents of Spencers Lane and nearby estates clearly should have a right to know what is going on within their own neighbourhood.

So should we all know about what is described by WLBC at Cabinet 13th April 2021 below


Consideration was given to the report of the Corporate Director of Transformation and Resources, seeking approval for the sale of land at Spencers Mews, Skelmersdale. In reaching the decision below, Cabinet considered the details as set out in the report before it and the reasons contained therein. 

Cabinet conveyed thanks to all officers involved, for their diligence in relation to seeking resolve to this matter.

RESOLVED:             That approval be granted to the Corporate Director of Transformation and Resources to take all necessary steps to dispose of two strips of land hatched green and bounded red on the plan attached at Appendix A to the report.

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