Promises Coming Thick And Fast

While some residents of West Lancashire have suffered appalling flood damage to their homes, and pupils have been sent home because of school flooding, it seems some very desperate candidates are using what might be seen as election bribery.

Example “Labour will tackle pollution by ensuring •Community Flood Groups have a right of attendance at multi-agency Making Space for Water meetings • Resourcing our planning team to ensure strict assessment of planning applications and apply strong standards of flood prevention measures”.

Example “Conservatives are sending offensive personal letters to homes of those flooded by Conservative incompetence, ineptitude, and ignorance. Now is not the time for fringe protest parties. Lend us your votes on the 6th May”.

Desperate? Of course. “Lend us your votes so we can continue to ignore your flooded homes and schools” “We will ensure our planners assess planning applications strictly, and apply strong standards of flood prevention measures” [which we have failed to ensure before until now, at election time]!

These are the parties that colluded to pay Counsel £800 of our taxes for legal advice to keep an absent but paid councillor in office.

But now, some voters are fighting back. They WILL vote for Independents. They WON’T re-elect old has-been pension-seeking party-hack failures. Or they will write “None of the above” with much joy in their collective hearts. I know what I’m doing, do you?

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