Who Has Ashurst’s Best Interests At Heart?

Simple, On Thursday vote for Independent James Upjohn

“Hi, my name is James Upjohn. I am a resident & homeowner in Ashurst. Like you, I have fallen in love with all that Ashurst has to offer but this town is dreadfully underappreciated. That’s why I am actively involved in Skelmersdale, with schools, community centres, and volunteer groups.

“As an independent, I am passionate about Ashurst and have no party line to toe. My mission is to make Ashurst an environment where families want to grow, where residents feel safe, and where you can have a better quality of life. 

“You take a walk around our paths and see years of decaying leaves, unwanted litter and flooded subways. There’s a demand for more litter bins and anti-litter campaigns that would eradicate the poor man’s image.

“There is a large amount of land waiting to become home to new housing developments. Ashurst lacks the infrastructure to support additional housing, despite the benefits. Ashurst Schools lack adequate parking and additional houses will only exacerbate that problem.

“Have you tried getting an appointment at Ashurst Health Centre? Some are reporting having to wait weeks and that’s before a single additional house is built.

“I don’t mind embracing new developments, more money in the town can only be a good thing. What we should all oppose though is the continual throwing up of houses without any new infrastructure to support them. Our few vital services are already stretched enough.

“By being Independent it is my desire to bring people together and to leave party politics to the national elections, where it belongs! Allow me to be the voice of Ashurst and protect our homes.  Allow me to be your voice and stand up for you”

Go on, do it. You know you want to.

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