Being Straight With The Electorate?

Or a bit dodgy?

From “Rob Bailey – Your Conservative County Council Candidate for West Lancashire East.

“I’ve lived in Parbold for over 20 years and served as local Parish Councillor and both a County Council and Borough Councillor for Ormskirk. As we emerge from Covid it’s that experience and knowledge that’s required to bring Councils and agencies together to rebuild our economy”.

“In my day job I advise local authorities on Transport, leisure and Highways so potholes and gullies will get no rest from me [They seem not to have noticed in Lancashire or West Lancashire]. My Priorities are are therefore rebuilding our local economy after Covid-19, protecting our environment and addressing flooding and drainage issues”.

“I’ve already started with success in blocking the Parbold Hill Landfill and instigating a Clearway between Parbold Hill and Fairy Glen. And unlike some fringe parties, I can substantiate all I claim too”.

“Parbold Landfill – “A fair and sensible outcome”. Not my words, those of the Chairman of the Stop Parbold Hill landfill Group. As a resident of Parbold myself, I need to correct the mis-information being pedalled by the fringe candidate [Don’t be shy about naming Ian Davis] from Westhead standing for an organisation called the OWLS”.

“The unedited letter from the Parbold Action Group follows: “Dear David, David and Rob. I want to thank you on behalf of the group for the hard work you have done in helping LCC find a very sensible solution to a very difficult problem. We are grateful to you for listening to us and believing the facts we put to you”.

“We appreciate it has been a hard and difficult journey for local representatives whose concerns and wishes were not always represented at County level. I believe this to be a fair and sensible outcome”.

We at WLR are unaware of the “misinformation being pedalled by the fringe candidate from Westhead”. No doubt someone will let us know.

But “being a recent fringe candidate from Farndon near Chester and losing to a Libdem” doesn’t exactly fill us with confidence for West Lancashire East?

And, did he know he was seen and recorded in the company of a fringe OWL?

Mind how you go!

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