Setting The Record Straight

Rob Bailey for West Lancs East reveals his life in Parbold for “over 20 years”.

“Dear Resident, I am delighted to be your Conservative County Council Candidate in May’s election. I have lived in Parbold for 22 years and have served as both a County and Borough Councillor for Ormskirk. I also had the privilege of being Mayor of West Lancashire”.

To set the record straight, Mr Bailey has lived in “Home Address” as a candidate for Election of a Ward Councillor for Farndon, Cheshire West and Chester, in Tilston, Cheshire, in 2019, below.

The residents of Aughton Park, and all of Aughton, are sniffy about people making claims that “We will never permit greenbelt to be used for new housing and business developments that meet the needs of Merseyside, but not of West Lancashire”.

The converse of which could indicate Aughton’s greenbelt land COULD be used for the needs of West Lancashire, for which the Aughton Residents’ Group was formed to defend, and indeed DID fight against, as history records. Being straight with the electorate seems so difficult for party candidates. What a shame.

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