Re-Introducing Your Independent Champion For Halsall

“Proudly employed within our NHS for 20 years, who loves living in Halsall, residing in this great Parish for over 19 years.  Parish Councillor for over 7 years, avid supporter of Halsall Against Fracking, NCL residents group, Moss Rd Traffic Group, Carr Moss Lane against large development, neighbourhood watch, flood groups and the setting up of an IDB (independent drainage board) and committed campaigner in protecting the green belt”.      

Halsall Parish Council & War Memorial Trust; Parish Councillor for over 7 years; Vice Chairman for 2 years

Recent achievements by the Parish Council & Trust; Reduced Parish precept by 7% from your Council Tax bill; New COVID compliant picnic benches and social seating area; New septic tank for the Memorial Hall; Improved childrens play area; Upgrading of the CCTV system; Promoting the Bakehouse cafe as a community hub; Co-ordinating the Parish crisis COVID plan, sourcing essential provision delivery and suppliers, leaflet drops to every household. Parish Council website updates on the latest support information; Campaigning for an independent drainage board to ensure continuous and long term drainage solutions to the Alt – Crossens catchment

Personal achievements

Member of the Flood Forum chaired by Rosie Cooper MP; LALC representative for 7 years; Co-ordinator, Neighbourhood Watch for 8 years; Meetings with the Crime Commissioner demanding improved Police responses to rural crime issues; Successfully lobbied United Utilities which resulted in conducting flood water investigations and essential sewerage system repairs; highlighting and holding to account, Lancashire County Council Highways poor roads and failing surface water drains; Campaigned against controversial new housing developments bordering flood zone areas which may create additional flood issues and exposing continued abuses of our planning laws and policies.

Are local petty politics and old school party whips working for you?

Are you impressed by the way WLBC is being run and are you happy that an additional 550 new houses are being planned in our Parish as part of the Local Plan review to which the draft publication has been delayed till “after” the local elections?
Halsall is so blessed in having exceptional grade A1 soil, the finest food producing asset in the county, however our Borough Council is hell bent in surrendering this vital resource to developers for housing rather than food production.
Poor and short sighted planning decisions creates problems in the future, we need the right type of housing in the right areas at a price where our young couples can actually afford!
Have you noticed any local road improvements, a reduction of flooding or an aboundance of school placements? We need someone who will hold our County Councillor and Lancashire County Council to account especially when our every increasing council tax bills is basically showing a “nil return” for us handing over our hard earned cash.
It’s time that our great borough received improvement to services and some much needed investment upgrades!
The quality of Broadband services is way below par compared to other areas, this is unacceptable and we demand better from our providers!
It’s time we put pressure to have a higher Police presence in Halsall to tackle the rising rate of rural crime, excessive speeding and the abuse of HGV’s ignoring long established road weight limits which is ruining  our back roads.
I’m not a politician nor constrained by party politics so if elected, I can speak up for the residents and be able to vote with complete impartially in meetings on items that will improve and regenerate West Lancashire.
We need an “independent voice” to represent the residents in Halsall, someone who is devoid of any political rhetoric and is fully prepared to voice your concens and opinions without any political party interference or sway!

Thank you for your interest and I hope that you seriously consider placing your vote and trust in me on the 6th May to promote and improve Halsall for the next four years.

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