Did You Know That Labour Is Committed To “In-Sourcing”?

Now that’s a surprise in West Lancashire? Surely, the WLBC Serco Leisure Operating Ltd contract is “out-sourcing?” How long? Since 2004? Since Westleyism?

From Labour MP Andrew Gwynne “We know what happens when our local services are handed over to private companies. Our councils continue to have responsibility for these services, but they lose the ability to deliver them. With every contract that’s outsourced our local institutions lose dedicated, qualified staff, and the staff that remain often see their pay and rights slashed. And when you try to report potholes or need to complain about street cleaning, it is to someone in a call centre far away who doesn’t know your area and has never walked down your streets – that’s if you’re lucky enough to speak to someone at all”.

And “In-sourcing is an element of Labour’s radical plan – as a part of community wealth building -– to rebuild local economies, renew faith in local services and deliver a renaissance of local government in communities right across Britain”.

So what happened in West Lancashire? Well, Labour just kept the out-sourcing bullshit in place. So when will West Lancashire council tax payers benefit from the change to “In-Sourcing”? This week, next week, never? Because this, below, is what Serco out-sourcing brought us, delivered since Tory 2012 and Labour 2016.

Surely this can’t be what West Lancastrian golfers deserved?

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