There is cronyism before our eyes. Driven by politics, the need and greed of power, and the election of the elite.

National politics is ridden with cronyism. Sadly, it exists in West Lancashire too. But with Labour and Serco?

This is the result of Labour/Serco cronyism, WLBC version, below. Labour sits on its collective hands and leaves Serco “regularised” by WLBC planners to leave this leisure facility in this state!

2 thoughts on “Cronyism

  1. stodgey

    Cronyism or luck? Just how lucky was St Tony’s son, Euan Blair when he managed to blag himself a simply excellent job experience placement? While his contemporaries were making do with a few weeks in the news room of the local Daily Bugle, covering the parochial politics of a medium sized town hall, Euan was thinking big. Very big. Amazingly, he managed to get a placement at the actual White House in the actual Washington DC. How lucky was that?

    It reminds me of a book on cronyism & sleaze which a well known political commentator published about 15 years ago. He asked me to contribute with a few stories, which I did – the hardest problem was, where do I start with so many to choose from? It’s endemic, always was, always will be.


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