Despised Serco And Privatised Contact Tracing

We Own It – the group that campaigns for public services for people not profit – says that Serco’s contact tracing contract will end on May 17th, with a two-week notice period from May 3rd.  We need to end Serco’s contract once and for all. 

After the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies pointed out that the privatised contact tracing system wasn’t doing the job, the government handed over more contact tracing to local Council teams. It recently started a new trial that includes Calderdale Council’s local contact tracing and support team.

Despite handing over progressively more contact tracing to local councils since last August, the government has not required Serco to redeploy its contact tracers to work with Councils. Instead it has continued the privatised contracts and handed additional money to Councils to pay for local contact tracing.

As of 1 April 2021, Calderdale Council has received £250K from central government for local contact tracing. This limited handover of contact tracing to local Councils isn’t enough. To put an end to privatised track and trace, please take part in a Calderdale day of action on April 27th to put the heat on Matt Hancock.

Read more about it below.

Scrap Serco! Give local public health teams the money to run test and trace! – Upper Calder Valley Contact Tracing (

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